Leaky 1 st floor bedroom, house was flipped, yes buyers had home inspection

tell ya these flippers do not care ONE bit about ya’s, nope!

now the outside…
ummmm loooololll, :20 see the GRADE, was RAISED before sale of house, up against the SIDING!
Inspector said NOTHING, zip. Why? hahahaa, seems many think it’s fine and dandy to raise the grade UP to your ROOF, duhhhhhhh they claim IT solves 99% of leaky basements, NOT!!! They need to be repeatedly sued in order to set them straight on this subject, yep dang skippy.

WHO lost money again? The buyers, as usual.

Home inspector said nothing about the following… WHY? lolollllllll Oh man, some sad, weak, crappy home inspectors out here… hey, don’t believe me? LMK i’ll give you the homeowners ph number n you call call them and listen to em. Their furnace went out 5 days after they moved in looolollll sad

Explain proper grading rules in that municipality/county.
Include, types of soil required and proximity to a foundation.
Plus, required perimeter drainage and weep tile rules, in that municipality/county.
Add Veneer and Structural clearances, for good measure.
PS: Something readable/understandable, if you can.

you simply do not get-it or care to get it which makes you a moron on this subject, as i said and KNOW without a doubt, some home inspectors are weak, lazy, incompetent and do a terrible job for their clients on this subject.

With all due respect. This is an educational platform meant to teach members.
1: Explain proper grading rules in that municipality/county.

the FACT you do not understand that very often, on many leaky basements and crawls, that there ARE exterior cracks or cracked parging or no parging on the exterior of block, bricks foundation walls and yet you will often NOT see any crack etc on the inside of these block walls makes you part of the problem and quite frankly lol, you need to be sued repeatedly for your lack of knowledge and your negligent recommendations on leaky basements, got dat? No you don’t, prolly never will. Your grading crap is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated and over emphasized as a solution to leaky basements, now go pop your meds before you embarrass yourself again

gee, lol, can i call you now Robert? What’s your number again fella?

Welcome back baldazz :smiley:

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There is a lot of heavy soils (think clay) where Mark’s area is.

Hence, why he digs to the footing and below some, when needed, and backfills with stone with the top 4" good soil, if grass, etc. and NOT concrete.

I have in-laws down in the area.

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Types of Soil in North America
1: Entisols are fairly new soils and have not developed horizons or layers.
2: Inceptisols. Inceptisols are slightly older soils than entisols. …
3: Alfisols soil is highly fertile soils that were formed in forested areas.
4: Ultisols.
5: Aridisols.
6: Vertisols.
7: Oxisols.

I am sure they have a building code in that neck of the woods.
In the province of Quebec, clay soils can be found in the more developed parts of the territory, in particular in the St. Lawrence Valley, the Ottawa Valley and the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Houses are commonly built on clay soils. However, since clay soils may be highly compressible, it is important to take the necessary precautionary measures to reduce the risks of foundation settling.

If you must build in an location where soils are clayey, you must take all precautionary measures to reduce these risks of settling.

Looks like he is mum on the information expected.

Probably working, Robert. Give him time and I’m sure he will answer your EXPECTED answer.

WAFI alert.
Meds or not it’s a dummy cut and paste disease… … .

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whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is SOMEONE yapping about the types of friggin SOILS???

i simply slapped up a couple videos about a leaky bedroom and that soil was added/raised in HOPES IT would solve the leaky bedroom, it obvioulsy did not – it doesn’t matter what TYPE of soil lololll geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Robert you could have asked about the idiot FLIPPER, or have asked about water getting in through windows or about playing with the grade etc but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, ‘tell us about the soil’, lololllllllllll

Mark, you didn’t know you were dealing with a Geotech expert on soils, did you? He probably has that on his resume. LOL

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Don’t you at least have to have graduated high school for that… … . ?

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What amazes me, you follow this guy.

Funny perspective coming from someone who can’t read/spell/verbalize past a 9th grade level
Many astute members “follow this guy”

Robert, believe me, Mark Anderson is one of the best basement/foundation waterproofers around. One just needs to absorb the gold nuggets that he offers in our forum.

Problem with that is, he don’t see the difference between a gold nugget and fools gold nugget.
He will continue to miss out on all the constructive learning put out by Mark on waterproofing and foundation repair.
In his mind, he thinks he knows it all and done it all, when in reality, he is fooling himself and others.

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Larry, I understand " your commitment to the poster.Your." It would be indefensible to the association to have him become a expert narrator on the subject and lecture. The self inflicted wounds would be irreparable.

Marcel. Jealousy gets you nothing in life. I did what I said and don’t lie. Your ignorance is glaring. You are a very small man that had an unsuccessful attempt at a home inspection business.