Leaky basement 24 yr old with asthma died, lawsuit against builder

yeah i’m no lawyer, get that out of the way lol

1:45 - am not sure but it appears as though i can see a BLACK membrane sticking up a TAD along bottom of foundation wall/basement floor perimeter, ya see that?

IF that was the builders supposded ‘remediation’, their solution to the water problem in basement then imo they may have a problem.

again, BEST thing to do with leaky basement is, first IDENTIFY the problem (s), yes, sometimes in some homes/basements there is more than 1 way water is getting in so, need to be able to SEE the walls etc and at 1:45 one cannot see the this wall so i ask, did builder REMOVE the crap on the wall to deduce if water is entering through 1 or more rod holes and-or 1 or more cracks in wall, dig?

another ‘point’ is, installing any INT basement drainage system doesn’t stop water from entering through rod holes, cracks in walls, windows etc.

so i ask again, did the builder bother to… remove the junk off the F wall (s) where the water was getting on basement floor OR, lol did the builder just install some bogus INT system OR, did he just raise n slope the grade… crap like that

Its THEIR house … Daughter had asthma AND asthma attacks BEFORE moving into that house, SO …

  1. Did they get a mold test UPFRONT ??
  2. AFTER they had water in the basement, DID they get mold testing done ??
  3. AFTER the basement leaked, and the builders repair did NOT completely stop the LEAKING … DID they hire their own contractor / inspector to EVALUATE or RECOMMEND or PERFORM repairs ??

BOTTOM LINE is … WHAT did THEY do to protect themselves, the daughter or THEIR health

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yep i hear you Mr B, what did they do to protect their daughter?

i’ll still ask, water was getting in basement n if mr builder told them he/they would fix it, stop the water… they apparently didn’t… did THIS water cause some, all of the mold? just asking a couple q’s

one point from my azz is, INT systems don’t fix most peoples problems, aka stop the water from where its actually entering n then they cover/hide part of or most of the F wall, well if one doesn’t stop the water and then hides the wall, not a good idea from the self proclaimed experts