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Quite a few screw-ups here. Some of those were, diagnosing/identifying the problems and the way they went about the job itself, as you’ll see if you watch the video,.
Flooded basement episode, Michelle and Jason

I wouldn’t bother to bring a lot of the following up but, sorry, he comes across as someone who ‘thinks’ he does everything perfect and, on this subject, he does not.

From start to finish…
1:40 homeowners called builder after basement leaked and the builder came back and patched some things on the inside.
It continued to leak and builder came back around 4-5 more times and played around on the inside each time. Still leaked.

2:15 leaky area

2:50 another leaky area, under a basement window

2:55 leaky area #3, by electric panel

3:45 back to leaky area #1 , builder did an INJECTION, still leaks.

4:10 when asked, builder said it was NOT necessary to fix leaks/waterproof on the outside

4:50 Mike says, ‘when I see it this high up we know there’s a major problem with the WEEPING TILE’.
Incompetent, not true at all, nope. If you see water, water stains etc up high on a wall then, some of the water and salts are umm, coming in…up high! Has NOTHING to do with drain tile along the footing man.

5:00 they show/talk about the rod holes and those can be repaired/filled on the inside of basement if they are done correctly.

6:30 Patio/walk blocks, says it rained a lot the day before. Also says the cheap drain tile is full of rocks and debris,hmm. Well, maybe it was but from what they quickly showed it doesn’t look like it was full of rocks and debris to me, lol. And again, that drain tile is NOT why the basement leaks, no way, nope.

Well, when it rains or rains A LOT the day before opening a trench then, duhhhh, there’s going to be quite a bit of pooling/standing water, often just below the grade because… it takes awhile for that water to go through clay soil and DOWN, sheesh

7:30 says they have to dig/excavate 3 sides/walls. Hmm well maybe it was needed and maybe it was not. Hard to see all i need to see in this video but, he showed 3 major leaky areas (the rod holes can be done inside) so, it’s quite possible they only needed to dig/waterproof 3 areas, 3 small areas where it leaked, not 3 entire sides… whatever.

8:45 Day 3, clay soil piled in yard, near open trench, not very smart. The added weight can-could cause a CAVE IN!

11:25 covers the soil in yard with tarps and apparently thinks the tarps will help prevent a CAVE IN

11:35 it caves in… loooooooooooool

11:45 says/thinks the fabric takes all or most of the water from the TOP and takes it right down to the bottom, says that is brilliant lool. Nope sorry Mike, HAD you backfilled with most or all gravel then, that, the gravel would take the water from the TOP, straight down to the bottom, not the fabric!

Then they put a sock on, over the same-cheap-junk-weak black plastic perforated drain tiles, mistake baby!
Your sooo concerned about DRAIN TILES yet he uses the same weak, cheap tile!! looool

11:55 more soil piled right on top on the DRIVEWAY, wow. You should have taken all the clay soil out to the street and had it all hauled away.

12:00 they backfill with only 2’ of gravel so, they backfilled the rest, the other 5–6’ with all clay, the same junk they dug out, not smart Mike, not what is best for the foundation walls, not what’s best for the homeowners going forward.

12:30 seems concerned about damaging that fabric yet they backfilled with mostly clay and that clay is going to settle and as it does, it will damage, pull down, some of that fabric, yep.

12:55 at least in this area/wall, they didn’t bring the waterproofing etc ALL the way UP to the top of the wall, mistake!!

15:00 very poor clean-up job, horrendous actually.

In any questionable, leaky area where part or all of the basement wall may be covered/hidden by paneling etc, they could have and imo should have FIRST, ran a water test with a hose to decisively determine where the water was truly coming in be it, through a crack in wall in those 3 areas or rod holes or through 1+ openings along or above grade such as possibly that basement window. Say again I highly doubt all 3 walls needed to be waterproofed.

Wow, so a guy/crew like this gets a lot of public praise, hugs and kisses at the end of shows hehehe, gets more calls from other homeowners and continues THIS kind of work/waterproofing while a few of us honest experts, J McEwen etc get a lot less, get the leftovers nobody else wants, thank you! Bubba loves y’all too, got milk? Hope in his other shows/jobs he does electrical or roofing etc etc better than waterproofing.

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John, that was a nice and informative come back over that video and no foul language too. I found it a lot better to read and actually learned a bit from your information. Thanks. About the only thing he seems to have gotten right is that you can’t fix a leaky basement from the inside.

thx Mr George.

yes contrary to my first reply to Steve, will try to obstain from duh 4 letter one’s but, oh how i’ll miss em.

Mr. G, umm you will need a garden-sprayer eh.If you don’t have a garden-sprayer maybe one of the inside system bubbleheads will rent you one of theirs.
And maybe you could try the super duper armor seal at Marisa Tomei’s parents house cuz, we already have enough junk here.

Don’t know what all the hoopla is about - just roll this stuff on & you’re done! I’m gonna make a fortune.
Brush, roll, dip, pour baby!
It even shows me how to use it on the basement walls!
Phil Swift is my hero. I’m inviting him to the forum!



loooollllll, ‘brush, roll, dip, pour’ baby!!!

Goats r more understandable, got milk? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfeEq-nrfTU