Leaky Shower head

Do you guys write up a leaky shower head?

Why would you not?

Recommend repair or replacement.

Is it leaking because of the valves, or does it just need to be tightened at the goose-neck?

It appears to be valves it looked fully tightend

In Illinois the only option is to recommend a State Licensed Plumber,however it sounds like it needs a new washer,which is usually on the hot side as they deteriorate faster.

Thaks for the help bob

If anything is leaking it gets wrote up imo

Yes, always.

I put it in the body of the report as it is not going to adversely affect the home; if I know the fix then I put that as well at the same time I also advise them which tradesmen to contact.

Jeff, with all due respect, that is incorrect, the NC SOP states that the summary should include any item not functioing as intended **OR **adversely affects the habitability of the home. If it had “AND” instead of “OR” you would be correct.

From the NC SOP: (note this is from 10-09 SOP and will change somewhat when the new law gets incorporated into the SOP but it will not change whether or not this writeup belongs in the summary at all)

(d) Written reports required by this rule for pre-purchase home inspections of three or more systems shall include a separate section labeled “Summary” that includes any system or component that:
(1) does not function as intended **or **adversely affects the habitability of the dwelling;

Hi Bruce,

I am aware of that at the same time I look at the spirit of the law…not the letter. If we were to write up every little thing and place it in the SP under that narrow scope then we would all be writing a long time… if a shower head has a couple drips of which I could tighten same and resolve it (if its the valve then a different story) then I deem that while it is note worthy not in the SP; interior doors that slightly bind from seasonal wx changes (no cracks in plaster or drywall at top corners) that can be adjusted by a 3 inch wood screw…body of report; vinyl siding panel that has moved through thermal expansion and contraction…body of report on how to fix same; cabinet door misaligned yet has adjustable hinges…body of report.

Under the NC code of ethics one of the most important statements that I hold true states: “Opinions expressed by licensees should only be based on their education, experience and honest convictions.” With that said, based upon my education, experience and honest convictions there are going to be items for which I deem minor yet noteworthy… other inspectors may not deem them in the same manner because of their education, experience and convictions.

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Yes, and I will write up an occluded shower head as well. :smiley:


Per IL SOP we have to write up anything that is unsafe or not functioning.

yep…why would you not?

The shower head is not leaking, it’s the control valve. Remember , there is no such thing as a hot water heater! You can have a water heater or a water tank, but not a HOT WATER HEATER>

Actually it spends most of it’s time heating the hot water in the tank.:slight_smile:

In Phoenix, they are all Hot water heaters… :wink:

Yes, it could cause massive water loss and further deterioration of our resources. But on a serious note yes.

Is it a shower head or the valve that is leaking? Both can have problems and should be noted. As for the hot water heater you can call it what you want just as long as your client understands.