Leaning Chimney

Chimney servicing a gas-fired Boiler and Water Heater…

Good photos.

FYI, I’ve had to pleasure of working with my in-laws as a chimney sweep, Colorado Spring, Co.

I picked up:

No flue cap, inside of chimney dissolves(exhaust, and water make an ‘acid’).
No chimney crown (as in this photo) bricks get pounded with water, and mortar ‘washes out’.

Good stuff.

A friends house, a few weeks back:

A friends house, a few weeks ago:



Pretty windy day for you :lol: :lol: :lol:.

How about something to hold the goddarn thing from falling over. ha. ha.

Don’t think I would lean a ladder on that puppy to check it out. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

There seems to be little to be said about the craftmanship. Except what the ____?

The chimney is probably leaning because the mortar on one side eroded faster than the other. Keep your crowns high, young men. :wink:

When that falls might create a mess.


Contact the municipality in question and enquire if they have adopted the International Property Maintenance Code.

If so this is a done deal and the Code people can have them demolish and reconstruct the chimney to current code standards.

Otherwise you will be hard pressed in Pennsylvania (unless the municipality has zoning regulations that cover such maintenance items) to find any legal *“defect” *here at all…

IPMC. New to me:


You can’t expect this in Illinois. We have the best :wink: building codes and hire the best :wink: code inspectors. Besides, we have home rule and very strong unions who pat our politicians very well to make sure that the codes arn’t too strict.

To be clear, the homeowner was stupid (hiring unskilled, un-professional and just plain stupid contractors) and thought that the local code people woule protect them (delusional, liberal Democrats) and if the city didn’t, thought that they could sue the city because the city did not live up to their delusions (really delusional, liberal Democrats. You have to live in this area to really understand).

Let the buyer beware, and make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured (and has a working phone number). :mrgreen:

Contractors are not required to be Trained, Licensed and/or Insured.

Only Home Inspectors in this State.

Why I take the time to explain what ‘qualified’ means to me. I live in an area that doesn’t require electrician licensing, which I’m HAPPY about. However I am licensed in the neighboring large cities. So I explain that importance of hiring a trades-person that is willing to improve their images and education, by doing more than the minimum.


I know that some states do not require licensing, but the customer’s should.

Licensing only gives one a title it does not make one a “Professional” or guarentee craftmanship or quality.

Take a look around you during your inspections or while you’re driving for that matter :wink:

yep, most of them are licensed :roll:

Unfortunately, I have to agree.

State licensing, usually, requires some sort of compitence testing. But, at least in Illinois, only two trades are state licensed, Plumbers (through the health dept) and roofers. Yet, there are plenty of people doing roofing and plumbing around here that do not have state licenses. The reason? People hire them and the state does not provide any punishment (really, provide for enforcment) when people work without licenses.

That is a good nitch for HIs. Checking on contractors and their work for clients. I had a big arguement with a tile guy, the other day. He kept insisting that it was OK to install ceramic tile in a shower stall right on top of primed drywall. I kept saying that cement board should be used. He kept telling me that I was crazy. The poor client didn’t know who to believe and, finally, took the tile guy at his word because his way was less expensive.

You can lead a hourse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

I don’t know about no ‘punishment’. One Pa municipality I do work in, Allentown, Pa, has in their power(per their own laws) to imprison non-licensed electricians up to 30 days, with fines, fees, etc.


Great pictures of the leaning chimney. Needs support, correction and TLC by a well established, competent, qualified contractor.

Did you also see the condition of the shingles? You get two problems for the price of one. Check out the newer shingles on picture three from the left. Wonder what else could be deficient in this place?

Chimney from today’s inspection…

Back to the leaning chimneys. Lots of chimneys with that gentle curve is the result of the mortar joints “expanding” on the convex side as opposed to deteriorating on the convex side----due to differing freeze/thaw cyles on the North and South sides of the chimney and direction of prevailing weather.