Free Standing Deck

Free standing deck fully supported by two separate beams and posts. My question is related to the ledger board. Should the joists be attached to the ledger, evem though the ledger is not providing structural support? I assume the ledger was placed for a decking nailing surface. yes, there is no ledger flashing. I would think attaching to the ledger will provide lateral support. Opinions? :slight_smile:

Yes, the deck should be attached to the ledger, if no cross bracing is installed.

It has to be protected from racking somehow.

Not the best beam to post connection. Post should be notched with two thru-bolts.

Attach or provide diagonal bracing.

The beam is supported only by the bolts. It should rest on the post. Diagonal bracing is needed.

This an excellent course and it is FREE.

Agree, easiest and possibly the best solution, due to the brick (veneer?) wall.

Still needs the flashing installed, either way.

Looks like lap siding with poured concrete wall below (faux brick forms for wall)

I fully agree with the poor beam to post connection, but it is allowed by local codes. Free standing due to manufactured I joists and related rim joist. I also question the close proximity of the deck footings to the rear foundation wall footing.

Here is a nice guide based on 2006 IRC Code.

At or within L/4 max 2ft. Looks to be okay.

Nice PDF