Lending One - Uses NACHI Exclusively


Lending one is supposedly one of the largest lenders of hard money in the real estate market.

Their representative called our office today looking for inspectors to conduct draw inspections on homes being remodeled. Of course I asked how he came across our name and here is what I was told.

They came across NACHI by looking for home inspectors through GOOGLE. The results predominately showed NACHI listings. He was amazed with the information on the NACHI site and the functions for end users like himself. He now always uses the NACHI search sites exclusively because he can find any inspector within a certain mile radius of the inspection they need.

When he speaks to a NACHI person he never gets negatives about any other association but merely the information he needs about the inspection at hand and the inspector he is speaking to. (This is why we should always take the higher road!)

For those that are questioning your membership fees in a slowing market, look closely at the real benefits both directly and indirectly. You will be more than surprised.

I personally believe that this is only the tip of the ice burg. There is much more to come.

By the way, only those with listed web sites are being used for their inspector selection. If you don’t have a web site you are missing out. If you do, make sure you would buy from you!! If your site is not professional you may be missing out also. You end users are probably giving you about 1 second.

Thanks NACHI



If the lender can select a NACHI inspector by area, is pleased with the telephone conversation, why would a web site be a requirement to get work?

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect


When you are in a position of selecting inspectors as Lending One is, I guess they have selection criteria. The first listing on NACHI is only an introduction to you as an inspector or your company, the next is your web site. It is simple math of selling the invisible.

I did not make the selection criteria rule, lending one did. If you don’t have a web site for them to review, they don’t call. They want to see who they are going to work with, short list and then telephone if they like what they see.

Here is the most common response from multi inspector firms!

““the majority of our referrals contact our web site at some point, whether or is through a search engine, referral from the yellow pages, realtor list, report down load, schedule log in, information link or link to my site.

This is why I love my competitions home made web sites or template websites. They have eliminated themselves from the playing field before they ever get a chance”

Here is the most common response from single operators.

“I have designed my own webs site”

While some inspectors have the skills to design web sites, not all do.

Your web site today is by far the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. Whether you like it or not, you are being checked out a lot more than you may believe and to get the phone to ring, you must pass the web split second test.

Anyway just some food for thought.


Very well presented, thank you. I’ve been without a site for a long time but actually have one in progress. :shock:

Hello Michael,

When will you be doing your course in Orlando. Judging by what people have said it sounds very good?

Hi Michael,
How about an honest opinion of my site. I am by no means a webmaster yet I have done the thing myself. This is my second site & I learned a whole lot since I built my first one. When I started my first site I didn’t know what a domain or a host or a FTP was. The second time I bought a template & I changed a few thing here & there on it to fit my needs. I rank for the most part high in the SE’s.

The Internet is most definatlly the future of informing people of your service. I have seen a huge jump in use in just the last year. The next five years are going to be very interesting. I have already locked in & positioned myself in the local & the top national online yellow page internet companies to be in the top 2 or 3 positions for my area.



Michael is out of the office for the next couple days, but I thought that I would respond to your post. I do some of the graphic/web design for Inspection Depot.

Overall, your Website has very useful information. However, the image of the house across the top takes too long to load on first view, the Flash animation adds something extra and is nice, but it moves too fast and can be distracting. The background house is also distorted/stretched. Research indicates that online shoppers look at a page for a mere 1-2 seconds and make their decision whether or not to stay on that page then. Because of the slow loading of your image, many may see the page and think there is something missing. If they think this, you have lost them.

You also have too much information on the first page, users will not scroll all the way down. A good tip is to keep the scrolling on the home page to the absolute minimum. Pages further into your site can scroll more, but the first page should really hit people with a “Wow!” and be short and to the point. Offering a discount coupon or telling clients they can save when they book online on the very front page in a visible spot can attract more attention and get people to stay on your site longer. Also, every page on your site should have a clear “Schedule Online Now” link.

The testimonials are great but they should definitely have their own page. “What My Clients are Saying” or something to that effect.

I’m not sure why your template changes after the home page either. On the home page you have the width fixed, and as you move through the other pages, they are all set to 100% of the screen. It also looks slightly different with the flag stretched across the right side top banner on these pages. There is a possibility here for some confusion as to whether or not we are looking at the same site. The photos could be a little more organized in terms of the layout.

There are some new things coming to NACHI through NACHItv which will allow you to stream video clips on your Website that may be helpful for clients to learn more information. Nick and the rest of the team is working hard on those and they should be available soon. Every NACHI member can take advantage of these free clips.

I also noticed that there is no toll-free number. This is important to have, but not absolutely necessary. When clients download your sample report, the report they get is fairly generic, if someone waits for a download, they will want to see more detailed information about deficiencies with comments on them. I would also suggest having a pdf brochure that clients can download and print out.

One thing I would change immediately, on the About the Inspector page, you have stated: I Meet or exceed Home Inspection “ [FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]Standards of Practice[/FONT]](http://nachi.org/sop.htm)” set forth by The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You must be extremely careful with this statement. Attorneys will devour this statement in the courtroom. You could simply say, I abide by the Standards of Practice…[/FONT]

Overall, as I stated earlier, your content is good, in my opinion it just needs a little tidying up to eliminate some of the confusion and the overwhelming feeling of too much information. We can help you with this if needed, give me a call and I can walk through some things with you over the phone that you can do yourself without having to start over from scratch. 888.589.2112. I will also email you with some additional info. I hope this helps a little.


Thank you for your input Catherine. :smiley:

Catherine would you check mine out please. :slight_smile:

No problem. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at cdemsky@inspectiondepot.com, or call.

I have just gotten out of a meeting but I will be happy to take a look at your site first thing in the morning.



Wow. I sincerely hope that you did not pay anyone for this site. At first glance, it’s difficult to even tell what kind of site I am on. Your top banner is too small and Inspector Wendy’s Home Inspections gets missed. I don’t see a logo anywhere, this is one of the key things people look for when purchasing a product. If there is no logo, research indicates that the site is less trusted. When creating a logo, go with a professional company, do not use any form of clipart. Realtors especially recognize this and think the company is not well established. You’ve already lost the inspection. At the top of your page where your textual information begins, you should have information, I get none. There is nothing on this front page that would keep me on the site or entice me to click another page. The picture here is an amazing picture, completely irrelevant to home inspection. Your homepage is THE most expensive real estate, only the most important info should be here. You can keep these pictures, if you optimize and shrink them for the web. Your entire contact information does not need to be in the top right on every page. I would suggest moving this to the bottom and keeping only your phone number in larger text (as part of the banner) in the top right. This area is prime real estate, you want important info there always.

You offer a $100 discount immediately and another $25 to a charity for booking an inspection. Though a discount is a great idea, the text here makes it look like a desperate attempt to get inspections. You should not degrade yourself by offering $100 off. What is your inspection fee? Can you afford to offer that much off and still pay your time and expense in actually conducting the inspection? Keep in mind that people are paying for a service that they cannot do on their own. Like any service, you pay for the expertise and training of the person doing the job, not for the actual report or material etc. When you order an inspection, you don’t pay for the report or the book you get with it. Internet clients are not looking for the cheapest inspection, they are looking for the best value. They are paying for peace-of-mind. That is priceless.

Moving on to the inside pages, About Us: the text is too large to read in some places and changes from large and bold to regular to smaller and bold and small regular. You should have 2-3 standard sizes for the entire site: 1 Size for Page Headings, 1 Size for separating sections with headings and 1 size for general text. More than that, it looks unprofessional and too busy.

Your Page headings change from one page to the next, Contact is all Capitals and Services is not. Standardize and be consistent throughout.

All of your links open in the same window. This is not good. You want to allow as few opportunities as possible for a client to leave your site. If you open links in the same window, they are gone and chances are won’t come back, it’s a pain to have to remember to click the back button. Open ALL links in a New Browser window, this way clients are always on your site and merely close the window just opened. Your site is still up and you retain their attention that much longer. One of your links is an image, Best Check Inspections…the image is missing so it shows a red x. No one wants to see missing images, it looks like a bigger mistake than it really is.

I think your links on the right are in the wrong place. They should be across the top, in the top left or the top right, don’t put them below anything it makes them harder to find. When designing for the web, you have to design for clients. Clients don’t have time to think. If you make them think, they have already moved on to the next company. Design so that everything is intuitive, flows, is easy to read and understand and doesn’t take them away at any time, for any reason from your message and service.

After analyzing this site, I have decided to start a FREE web analysis service for NACHI member’s Websites from Inspection Depot. We will analyze the homepage of any site submitted. I will also be starting something I’d like to call Extreme Makeover: Web Edition. Wendy, you are the first recipient of this makeover. I think you need much more customization and help than your templated and again I pray FREE site will allow. I’ll do this quarterly, so start submitting your sites now. The next makeover will be given in January which will start off the first quarter. From then on, every 3 months I’ll get with the design team here and we’ll select the NACHI member most in need of a redesign. Email your submissions to cdemsky@inspectiondepot.com, I’ll announce the winner each quarter on the message board and they’ll have 24-hours to respond and accept the makeover.

This is great…but please don’t announce my pathetic website to the world on this board :wink:

Email me the results of your FREE look at my homepage instead so only I can see how utterly pathetic my site is in the eyes of a professional…

I am not kidding or being sarcastic…thank you very much for this.

I was a little embarassed because I’d been playing around with my site a bit. But I switched it back to my standard site and I think it’s a bit better, although could still use help. :slight_smile: http://www.inspectorwendy.com .

Tony, Check your email. It wasn’t half as bad as you made it sound in your post. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Could you please look at mine as well. I would also like email reply.

Hi Catherine,

I’m hoping you can spare a couple of minutes of your valuable time to critique my website.

It is still under construction (my wife is designing it with me dictating content) but I’m at a loss as to where to have my wife put pictures or what additional content I should have on a banner or if I should even bother with a banner. I know I’m not happy with the site just don’t know what it is exactly that I’m not happy with!

Thank you


I cannot find your Website. Can you post the address?

Chris, check your pm’s.



How about mine?


Thank you for taking the time out of your day Catherine it is greatly appreciated

Is there a contact number for Lending One or do they prefer to do there own searching?