Lennox gas log recall

Another reason to not like “ventless” gas burners and heaters



That hazard has nothing to do with it’s possible use in a ventless enclosure. :roll:

Once professionnally repaired/modified, these units are safe but there must ba a CO2 detector.


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre:)

I didn’t say it did. :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

In addition to the recall notice, I was pointing out another reason to not like ventless units, since there is nowhere for any potential leak to go but into the room.
In a vented fireplace, at least some if not most of the escaping gas would go up the chimney.

:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: I can roll my eyes too.


The defect had nothing to do with vent less units specifically and is coincidental. Yet you felt it necessary to display your bias against ventless products.

So yes that is why I gave you the eye roll. Here are some more :roll: :roll:

So it’s coincidental, so what? I’m biased against something I think is a potential safety hazard. What’s wrong with that?

Not everyone agrees with you all the time Mike, sorry.

And I suppose you’ve never shown bias against ANYTHING??

Ventless gas appliances are not allowed here in CA. Why don’t you write to my state legislators and complain to them about THEIR bias?

The following is from homeenergy.org

Sandy Weisner of Medford, Oregon, is not soothed by these assurances. She installed an FMI ventless heater in 1996, and soon after developed symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. She installed a CO alarm, which sounded as soon as she used her unvented fireplace. She went to the doctor and found that the levels of carbon monoxide in her blood were 30 times normal concentrations. She has since been lobbying her state’s code bodies to ban the heaters. Many building scientists are harshly critical of the gas industry’s safety claims. While every brochure, video, and Web site about unvented heaters relates their safety to the ODS, Greg Traynor, formerly an indoor air quality researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, says there is almost no correlation between oxygen depletion and increased pollutant concentrations. “There’s no way you’re ever going to get the ODS to go off unless you have a way oversized heater in a tiny room,” he says.

Biased? You bet I am!

It’s perfectly fine to vent your bias against vent less appliances.

I get it, I just don’t agree with your original premise that this recall is another good reason to dislike vent less.

But hey, it’s still a free country and you can rant all you want. :wink:

And posting anecdotal stories does not advance your argument. Just sayin’.

And BTW vent less appliance do not produce anymore CO than a gas range. Actually it’s near “0”.

Because of the gas leak. But why argue with a stone wall?

Are we done yet? :wink:

Something you’ve never done…:mrgreen:

Yep. I’m finished now


Or do you just want to share some more stories and opinions?:roll: