Ventless Propane heaters?

I was interested if anyone had any opinions on the ventless Propane heaters? I believe they are not allowed in California and Canada? I do not have any experience with these particular gas fired appliances. They are sold locally.

There’s a ton of info out there, but this will get you started:

Here is a state by state list of codes:

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I had one that ws a free standing ventless stove and it worked great BUT most people do not read the instructions supplied. One has to leave a window or 2 cracked and keep the sensors under the stove clean and other maintenance like a CO detector, etc.

So, I would STRONGLY caution in any reports against their use if ALL the instructions are not followed EXACTLY.

Just my opinion… :smile:

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There are no known failures of the ODS in these products.

They are intended ONLY for supplemental heat.

As with ALL products - READ AND FOLLOW the manufacturers instruction for safe operation.

IMHO wood stoves are far more dangerous.


You make a good point Mike about fireplaces being more dangerous. Read an article that stated wood burning can produce CO as well, which is in the realm of the possible.

I think if you inspect enough homes one would eventually see signs of what a chimney could do. I have seen a few close calls that the owners never knew about.

The reason for the question is that I went to a local propane shop for the first time and they were obviously selling many of them, and they had been at that location for at least 20? years, so nobody sued them out of business for a faulty product.

It got me to thinking and researched it some. Higher humidity in the winter time, and the high desert to boot, is a relief. Off the NW coast might be a concern.

Thanks Larry for your experience!

Good links, even if they have contradictory conclusions.

There always seems to be seem kind of seepage of smoke, or back draft, or something that makes it seem as if burning wood pollutes the interior air of the home.

Welcome, John Paul. :smile:

We had one in a previous house. We used it 1 winter, and removed it. We noticed a white film on the windows. The gas log stove was installed by a professional company.

In the drafty houses of yesteryear sure. Not in the air tight spore traps that are being built today.

I guess you want to ban gas ovens and range tops too.

No, as gas ovens and range tops are supposed to have a vent
hood over them.

No, as gas ovens and range tops are supposed to have a vent
hood over them.

Missed the point.