Lennox Pulse Furnace

Lennox Pulse furnace manufactured in 1987. The model # is CR16…
Now, is this one of the units that had problems with cracking heat exchangers? It seems that all the info I find states that the model #'s are either G14 or GSR14 that had the problem. However, I do find some info that states that any manufactured between '82 and '89 are potentially defective. Does it have to be a G14 or GSR14 or just manufactured in the given time period?

Any help/insight is appreciated.


I’ve read these, but still do not know the answer to my question… I’ve seen quite a few of the G14’s, but not this CR16. It falls in the manufacturing dates, however… So, whatdaya think?

This was posted in the link supplied by Gary Reecher who is a qualified HVAC tech who frequents this board:

No recall. Just a one time free inspection for the G14 only.

However Lennox does recommend that all G14’s and G21’s Pulse heat exchangers be inspected and pressure tested for leakage every 4 years. This inspection is the owners responsibility.