Lennox pulse

Hi all, I am looking for some help on this lennox pulse, any info would be appreciated, age etc, anything else you want to offer, not to familiar, thank you.

Lennox pulse G1403-80-C21
Serial number - 6389A00695, I assume 1989, there was a sticker for a new heat exchanger in 98 , noisy bugger.

Yeap, '89.


That’s probably because Lennox Pulse furnaces had set up a free program to inspect Lennox furnaces installed from 1982 to 1989 to check for carbon monoxide leaks or as the company stated: "because of “increased instances of corrosion in some Pulse furnace heat exchangers in units installed before 1990.”

The original Lennox furnace safety inspection program ran through July 1, 1999.** If the warranted heat
exchanger needed replacing**, Lennox indicated that the company would provide a new heat exchanger
at no cost to the owner.

Model numbers of this recall were either **G14 **or GSR14. Your model # is G1403-80-C21.

Don’t confuse the man, Chris!

Manufactured: January 1989

Thanks guys, 89, it is, just wanted to double check.

oops typo…:oops:…glad you got my back

I also inform the client that they require annual maintenance for the flapper and that the system should be pressure checked every 4 years per the manufacturer. I also mention that they stopped making parts for them. Some HVAC companies around here have stocked up on parts because we have a lot in the area but eventually the stock of parts are going to run low.

Great to know Troy, I will include that in report, This unit judging by the empty service record tells me it’s never been maintained, combined with the fact of it.s age I included a narraitive may be at the end of it’s life expectancy, I really don’t like to put the life expectancy narrative in because my furnace is 32 years old and running top’s, but I am not trusting this unit, not maintained, curious, do you guy’s include a life expectancy narrative on older units.

I list the manufacture date and then the life expectancy of the appliance in the report. I will list it as a deferred cost item if the condition and age warrants it, such as in your example.

Thanks Troy, I think I will follow your example on future reports, list the manu date then life expectancy, let them decide for themselves, it’s like fingers on a chalk board for me to mention end of life expectancy because some equipment just keeps going, thanks again.

We have a big long report on those Lenox units. From time to time I run into them and make sure the people hear the sound of the PULSE to see if they are willing to put up with that at night and of course what has just been mentioned of the expense for parts and repair.

Overview of the The Lennox Pluse

This is also good Troy!
Not always is it the venting

I am glad I posted, I figured it was 89 but my gut told me to post seeking additional info, worked out great, I included the issues brought up on this post, it was a pretty thourough narrative, got to love the forum sometimes, thanks again.