Let us not forget Pearl Harbor

“A day which will live in infamy” Seems like it was more of a big deal when I was a kid. Thanks to all the veterans.

I hope it remains in infamy. In todays world I worry it will just be another tragedy in which we are all custom to.

I remember every year, we should not forget.

Yep. What’s a real shame is that the U.S. knew the attack was coming and when. FDR sat around the White House with his buddies the night before… waiting for the attack… so that he could declare war on Japan.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was arguably the most provoked attack in our history. We did everything but fly the bombers ourselves for the Japanese.

Kind of like the* Bush new new in advance of 911* theory. :roll:

However, the Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracyis considered to be a fringe theory and is rejected by most mainstream historians.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Harbor_advance-knowledge_conspiracy_theory#cite_note-11)

Bush didn’t know how or when Bin Laden was going to retaliate for U.S. meddling in the Middle East, he only knew that Bin Laden was going to retaliate (Bin Laden warned the U.S. to get out over and over prior to 911). There is absolutely no evidence that Bush knew the details of the 911 attacks ahead of time. That’s one difference.

The other difference is that 2 of the 4 planes involved in the 911 attacks can be classified as terrorist attacks. The other two (the one headed for the White House downed in Pennsylvania and the one that hit the Pentagon) were perfectly legitimate military targets like Pearl Harbor (a Navy base) was.

The U.S. ultimately responded to the attacks on Pearl Harbor (a legitimate military target), by using nuclear weapons of mass destruction on two civilian cities.

It is interesting to note that many years after the U.S. targeted Japanese civilian cities with nuclear WMDs (Agust 6 & 9, 1945), the U.S. military attacked Iraq for merely being incorrectly suspected of trying to develop WMDs. :roll:

More kinda like there is no doubt that obummer knows that more ISIS attacks are imminent, yet he does next to nothing.

Except for the gas WMDs which they did have, and used.

I stand corrected. Saddam did use WMDs on his own people. You are correct.

Saddam also used chemical weapons of mass destruction on Iran thanks to the U.S. The U.S. helped Saddam Hussein procure and use those internationally illegal and unconscionable chemical WMDs during the Iraq/Iran war. The U.S. then blocked every U.N. complaint Iran tried to voice about those war crimes. No honor.

And yet some still want to proclaim he didn’t have any

Or kinda like Yugoslavia trying to hand the US Bin Laden, before the Kosovo bombings were in progress. Unfortunately that was not in the Clinton’s political interests.

Saddam definitely had WMDs and used them against Iran.

Nick, Sometimes I just don’t understand your logic. But I thank the people, right or wrong, who gave their life so you could say what ever you want too. I will fight so you can have the right to say whatever you want and I hope that you would do the same.

I’m just opposed to winning by all means in war, business, or sports. So I’m very much against targeting civilian cities, using weapons of mass destruction, keeping POWs in perma-captivity even after they’ve been cleared for release, refusing the accused a fair trial, violating international agreements, humiliating prisoners, invading homelands of people who have never done anything to us, torturing human beings, etc. That’s no way to win. It’s unmanly.


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Once again Bless our vets! Never forget!

My first ship was home ported at Bravo Piers in Pearl harbor and every time we went to sea we had to pass right by the Arizona memorial. I still have the pic of it burned on my feeble brain:(

Thank you for your service.


Thank you for your service.