Let's see here, post tension.... and stemmmY wall in AZ

gee, if possible would you install an INT system and sump or dig an exterior frenchie-fry drain or lolol regrade – raise n slope the soil? hmmm, all wrong, just like on many leaky basements

umm, don’t you want to keep water off rebar, huh? Hmm, keep water outside, OFF-OF the foundation wall, off rebar, keep the water from penetrating exterior cracks… or allow water inside and then try and pump it back outside and then allow it back inside and lolol pump it back outside

I don’t see where you addressed grading it looks like water’s being held at the base of the foundation. Also question on your title with post tension slab, that home looks like late '70s early '80s? Not a newer home with post-tension slab?

The homes in these two videos are on slabs. There are no basements.

GRADING does not keep all subsurface water OFF-OF foundation walls, waterproofing/sealing the wall correctly n backfilling it with most/all gravel keeps water OFF OF foundation walls, cracks, rebar etc

water percolates, moves through soil in all directions underground, under a raised and sloped grade, under concrete slabs…

some like to bring up grading, ok fine, what about the times/examples we have seen on site homeowners dug out 1–3’ of soil, then poured concrete in the ENTIRE trench along a foundation wall and then put the soil on top of the concrete n raised n sloped it away… and they continued to leak in basement

seal/waterproof shtt from the get-go and backfill it correctly and there’d be less problems but Bozos don’t wanna change their thought process

When we were kids we found a Puddle of water, grabbed a stick and drew a line… The water flowed from the puddle to a different location.

That is called Grading! Keep the water away from the Fountain is the first step. More so, I don’t play General contractor - I refer to a Licensed professional xxx for recommendations.

The question was directed to a Slab Foundation not a Basement