So, ya wanna DIVERT surface water and ya think ALL is fine

Raise `n slope the grade… blah blah blah
Thats whats some recommend/tell homeowners to do AND by doing so
it SOLVES most leaky basements. ](,) ](,) ](*,)

Hey,lookie here at PIC`s
How about the SLOPE here? Did it solve any problems or cause MORE? #-o

Want to use carbon fiber straps here and install an Inside system?
What good will either do to stop/prevent further DETERIORATION?
See, this is what ‘some’ dont understand AND, dont care about.
Well screw you, yer screwing homeowners with knothead-rookie

That plastic placed underground sure helped huh? Idiots! ](,) ](,) ](*,)

“As the ruble is cleared away and i start to expose areas of the building
i discover a number of things i never expected.DETERIORATION of the
underlying walls was not just limited to the primary basement wall but
was a problem all the way around the structure…”

The reinforcer, wall anchors,Inside drain tile and baseboard systems
w/sump pump doesnt stop/prevent further deterioration, doesnt
stop/lessen soil pressure-roots against a wall, doesnt waterproof the wall. Have it YOUR way, be seeing a few of yas down the road, ok? :mrgreen:

Thanks Mike, or Scott or John, or whatever your name is?

It’s Mark and he is quite knowedgable in his area of expertise. Sometimes a little too long winded for me but good info nonetheless. :smiley: If you have basement water problems check some of Mark’s posts.

Then why the need to post under a false name?

I have no idea why he chose to do so. Mark…?

Call me Mike H again and i`ll make a rwand voodoo doll and stick pins
in yer eyeballs

Stevie Ray Vaughan/Pride and Joy… ‘i`m her lil lover boy’

Steppenwolf…Snowblind Friend…‘so he bought a one way ticket
on an airline made of snow’
‘this song is dedicated to the memory of many friends we`ve lost
along the way…’

Apparently he is a moron, I guess thats why.

Has to come here and post under a false name and then claims to know so much.

Nice try!

Hey Wandy…why do soo many Canucks sukk? Ya lil twerp

Too bad yer not around metro Detroit, id shtt my pants upon homeowners calls that you screwed up basement inspection, and help them SUE yer azz, ya fkg lil weasel

Have stated time and again who the fk i am,next visit to
the Motor City, the city Howard Cosell loved so much,look
my azz up will ya PLEASE!

And why is it one cant find yer BBB record? You have more than one biz name? mfr You hiding some cash from Gment? What else
you hiding? The homeowners i do biz for know who the hell i am,
anyone who don`t like my SHTT, fk em! Hire Everdry,Insta Dry etc.

I take lots of time to post here,try n help 'some' of your HI azzz
MORE THAN THAT, its about any homeowners who might be
searchinaround,looking for answers, answers they wont get
from YOUR azz.
What…you think light switches,loose door-knobs are more
important than foundation?

Mark or as s hole

Your vocabulary is as profound as your repetitive boring speals on your need to tell everyone just how insecure you are.

Yes I would love to see you in court Bubba.

i claim to know so much? rather, i know a TON more than your
canadian azz on this subject. ANY HI here who won`t admit that
is a wandy-kiss azz liar.

TOO fk me bad YOUR azz isn`t around here

Is that a threat Mark?

Your full of yourself, you phony!

Go back and beat your wife!

Wow Ray…i`m skeered!

Here is Mr Ray, gee, i don`t see ANY expertise in waterproofing basements
You come on waterproofing thread and call me a moron etc and that i
‘think’ i know so much about waterproofing…
How is it at all POSSIBLE you would know more?

Inspecting 2,000 or 20,000 homes in NO way makes you an expert
in waterproofing or foundation work


Stop foaming at the mouth, I didn’t say I knew more about waterproofing you did!

You are posting under a false name and then want to be seen as being ethical. Nice try.

Facts are facts regardless of the name, sheesh fkg krsit

Thats it!!! My new name, J fkg Krsit Waterproofer!

Hey, if my name was George Bush or DICKhead Chaney would i then
be seen as ethical,huh?

Thanks John for proving who you really are. Typical for a contractor to have an extended vocabulary such as yours.

Thanks Bubba!

here, you call this number is you really want to KNOW who the fkkk i am
313-881-8035 call collect if yer a cheap-O too

Yes, some of us contractors will never, ever forget 4 letter words
and the like. They come in fkk`g handy

gimmie a minute, speaking with e-o-f foundations right now about
all the crap
John McEwen

Maybe give John a call

Hey ya lil dingleberry, still there? :mrgreen:

Some PAINT contractors have more common sense than some HI`s
for krist sake.

YOU would have prolly told the owner of this building to…
raise and slope the stuuupid grade, right?

I gotta believe most HI`s(NOT all) are fairly intelligent mfrs so, open up yer
waterproofing brain fer a minute, THINK.

Here, look at PIC`s 1,2,3

Just raise grade right? lolol Just get longer downspout extensions right?

See, somebody already fkkd up, you see? And when an HI/realtor/whoever tells people to raise grade etc then theres about to be another FKKK UP, got that?

If you wanna lose your $300-500 fees thats fkkkg fine with my azz Have already helped quite afew homeowners get HI fee back, damn SKIPPY! Were going to get this right or were gonna be fkkg enemies and, thats fine w/my azz. Pictures + decades
of hands-on experience goes a long,long way in…ahem, MOST

Itll cost the HO a tad more than that to correctly FIX the fkkkg problem, DUMB AZZ

Ethics? In this fkk`d up country?

And heres somethin else for ya…i give less than 2 smokin` shtts
of what some homeowners might think of my vocabulary.
If they care more about that than my expertise, let em go hire
Everdry,Basement rx etc.

Play it again Stevie! Was jammin`,was fine up till interuption

Geeze, Mark, now I will have to add crass to my description, at least. :shock:

John Mark Bubba,

Bite me ; why would I want to talk to a dork?

You can’t have much faith in yourself and what you want to instill in others if you find it necessary to post under a false name.

Do you deal with your clients under a false name? I doubt it. So why don’t you show the same to us?