Letter to repeat client from last year

True and he was that particular culture.

I go back to my records and check the: sqft, age price etc. to try and avoid this problem.

So what do you do if you’re called away from you’re records? Do you tell them I’ll call you back later with a price?

Bob, I agree with most of the others, I think a bit harsh for a 3 time customer. I am all with you about raising prices and all that, but a loyal 3 timer ??? I would give up the 20 bucks. Loyal Referrals are your BEST long term clients. Agents come ang daily, but good clients tell friends, family etc…

Just my 2 cents. I always say it is easier to keep an existing customer happy then to find a new one.:shock:


John correctly reminds us:

Price haggling is also common in some industries… coin shows come to mind.

Funny thing is I often adjust my fees down on clients and did so 3 times in the last week on site .

Had to do with lack of access and another one due to condition being so bad we cut the inspection short.

Client gave out my cards all over the office the next day and called to tell me.

I think the fact he already agreed on the price the day before to me cements it combined with parking downtown costs $25-$30 and just today late this afternoon before this happened got the $50 ticket for being 5 minutes late at a meter.

Just hit me at the wrong time.

May not be the last time something like this ever happens but at least my record speaks for itself .
Usually get along great with everyone.

Why do people haggle price with a Inspector but not other professionals.
We are the lowest paid for all the good we do in the whole process.

All I ever read on this site including from you Nick is “raise your fees”
Well I did this year and look what happened.

Ouch! I agree with Billy, you should run your comments over the MB before sending them out :smiley:

You could have easily converted that request into an inspection at your regular price by being a bit more “tactful,” although we know you’re not too concerned with tact" :wink:

The fact that prices have gone up on EVERYTHING we purchase would have been an easy pitch. We pay more today than a year ago for fuel, groceries, taxes, utilities, etc., etc.

You could have explained this and had him realize that he should EXPECT to pay more (or at least the same) than a year ago…

Bob, if last year you gave him a “rediculously low” fee, and now your fee was only $20 more, you are probably still bordering on “rediculously low”…why?

Gee thanks.
How many of your mistakes have you shared here again???

I simply tell it like it is .:wink:

P.S I was tempted to call this morning and do it for nothing as punishment.

Huh?..off subject.
I am over this after having nightmares and paranoid thoughts all day as no calls from clients yet so I’m over it but you guys can continue .
Time for myself to move on.

Just mad at myself as each and every client is important to me and I work hard for everyone as you all know.

My bad and moving on.:mrgreen:

Just want to share as it cheered me up a little.
First part of email from yesterdays morning client.

thank you for the home inspection yesterday. I’m very glad, you were so
> precise and did a great job!

I am thinking of offering this guy a half off inspection to make up for my rudness…
What say all ?

Just let him go Bob. You apologized. If he wanted your services after that he would of told you. We can’t please everyone.

I would have given him to $20.00 discount especially when he is a multiple time client and I would NEVER call a client less than bright. I see your side but have to figure you just had a bad day.

If I was your client, my response would be: What an ***…

Hey Nick can I have $50 off my membership renewal ;-):smiley:

I’ve shared a few, but never in the public area of the board. I don’t remember when the last time was, but I’m sure if you scoured through my posts you could find them.

Unfortunately, “telling it like it is,” is a subjective statement. Your perception of what IS, may not be the same as what others feel IS.

Good learning experience for all.

Thanks Bob for sharing.

That may not be a bad idea Bob. Sometimes you just need to swallow your pride and say I was wrong but here is what I can do for you.
On a side note, had an investor call me last night that has used me in the past. I told him I generally charge about $1000.00 on a duplex but because he has used me before the cost would be $850.00. Guess what, that is the cost of two homes here. He was happy to here I was giving him a discount and he was passing my name on to an investors group he belongs to. Yay for me.