Level One inspections

I’ve been asked to do a “level One” inspection. What are they talking about?

If nobody can answer (I know I do not know the answer), you can always call the client anonymously (dial *67 before the call) and ask them what a level one inspection is.

Perhaps this?


I would guess they are after a phase 1 environmental assessment of the property…

Larry, you’re correct. In another post Scott did indicate he was looking for an environmental Phase I inspection at a commercial property. I talked to him by phone and gave him a good contact there in Portland for him to talk to for advice.

In general a phase I environmental assessment takes stock of chemicals and other hazardous materials used at a site and documents that, a Phase II involves sampling and testing for any environmental impact and a Phase III can involve long term sampling and mitigation of issues. At least that’s the way I remember it. It would not be something the rank & file HI would get involved with nor be qualified to perform.

All correct. The agents I was dealing with simply got it in their heads to use improper terminology. They need a Phase 1 Environmental assessment (an ASTM standard) The good news is I’ve partnered up with a local geologist, brokered a deal to get it done, made some coin for my efforts, and I’ll be doing all the construction phase inspections during the constuction of a 100,000 square foot commercial/retail building as a result.