Phase 1 or level 1 site assessment

I received a call from a broker and was asked if I could do a LEVEL 1 or as I believe it to be a PAHSE 1 site inspection. My questions are. What certifications are needed for this? What are or where are a set of SOP’s for this? Is there a specific form format for this? If I am not qualified who might be? Where would I find them? This is in South Carolina so if I can not do it I would like to pass it along to one of my NACHI Brethren.

That is an interesting request. Typically, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) are more typically done on Commercial Properties in Real Estate Transactions. One of the primary goals of a Phase I ESA is to look more at past and present environmental releases or possible releases from the subject property or adjacent properties which may impact the soil and groundwater. Specifically, a Phase I ESA looks at leaking USTs, ASTs, hydraulic lifts, gas pumps, buried gasoline lines, antifreeze storage and items of that nature. In addition to a site inspection, typically, you would need to visit the City Assessors office as well as do a neighborhood search. A Phase I ESA is quite comprehensive.

I hope that is helpful.


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I believe these are also quite common in CA - is your request coming from there?
A similar service my be provided by anyone trained by Environmental Data Reporting (EDR) to do a NER - Neighborhood Environmental Report.
However, they are not the same- just similar in nature.
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