State Exam

I am getting close to finishing all the required courses and I will still need 31 hrs of optional courses to take my state exam. I was wondering if any certain optional courses have any material that would help me with the exam. Thanks, Ken

Are you taking the 120 hours online with NACHI? The few courses that you could take that wont count against the 120 hours but will help with the exam is report writing course. Download the exam study guide form Inspector Outlet it will help.

Good Luck on your exam

Thanks Shawn, I knew about the report writing course but not the study guide. Just downloaded it.

I am taking the 120 hr online course I’m at 73 hrs now so I still have a little ways to go before I take the exam. Still have a ways to go after that before I start off on my own.

We sure picked a difficult business to start in Florida lol. Are you getting any calls yet?

Keep on pushing, I launched my company two weeks ago and completed a wind mitigation last week and have one tomorrow. I investing about 10-15 hours a week in marketing to agents and insurance agents. I have been a underwriting insurance inspector for 7 years before becoming a licensed hone inspector. I still do underwriting inspections full time until my home inspection business picks up full steam.

When you get your licensed just market, market, market… The best thing you did was join this organization. There are a lot of great home inspectors in this state that are on this forum will help you along the way.

I did research about associations and training and InterNACHI was a no brainer lol. Lots of resources here.

I’m in a fairly good position I believe. Been in residential construction here in Pinellas County all my life, already know some REA’s, have a little of a referral base from clients that I have done carpentry work for, in fact it was a client that first suggested I should be a Home Inspector.

Not not taking it lightly though. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Already have a business plan, have an accountant and legal counsel, going to look for a mentor and a lot more things before I head off on my own.

Oh and I have been working on a marketing plan also.

that’s awesome sounds like you’ll get some referrals from your old carpentry work. if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.

Good Luck

Hello Kenneth, good luck in the new venture. I would recommend taking the WDO (wood destroying organism course. It is not part of the 120 hour classes but there are quite a few questions on the state exam. I would also order Nick’s book “How to run a successful Home Inspection business”. It helped a lot with marketing and website design.

Hi, Ken.

Here’s the list of DBPR-approved 120 hours of training for home inspector licensure (online & free for members):

The questions on InterNACHI’s Florida stat exam are sourced from those courses. To study and prepare for the exam, visit and scroll down to the “Study & Prepare” section.

Everything else you need to be successful in FL is at


I have been meaning to ask this question and probably already should have LOL. But I noticed that some (I think 5 or 6, just off the top of my head) of the courses that are required to be completed with in the first 12 months of joining here, are also on the Florida 120 hrs pre license list. I am assuming/hoping that if I had completed the ones on the internachi list first, they would also count toward Florida 's 120 hrs pre license requirement?

Thanks Ben that is perfect. I was working off the wrong list.

Thanks Shawn.

Thanks Andrew. Will be taking the WDO course. I already purchased the book in pdf form but haven’t got to reading it yet.

That’s correct.