License number

It looks like I got Florida Home Inspector license number 21. :cool:

They r quick readers - R they mailing back ur 4400 pages now that their done?

congrats John

I sure hope they are not mailing them back! :stuck_out_tongue: I do not want that stuff here. Apparently, the more it weighs the faster you get a license. :mrgreen:

Thanks Bruce

I don’t think the state will spend the $$$ on the shipping

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the State had to shred every page due to privacy issues. Maybe they can use the confetti at the next election.

How long did it take after you mailed your application in before you were able to see it?

John check your spelling on youir site:

  • State of Florida Licesned Home Inspector #21

You must have looked at it while I was fixing it

Less than a week. I have a theory…

Ship them a big box and they want it off of their desk.
They open, it process it and send it away and you get a license. :shock:


That has to be by far the dumbest thing I’ve heard in quite sometime…Ship 120 Reports, that is unbelievable any State could be so backwards, it blows my mind—:shock:—:twisted:

You would think some news reporter with nothing better to bull-shift about would write an article about the mental capacity of the bureaucratic idiots living right in their backyards wanting inspectors to drop-ship 40+ lbs of Reports at their office, by the thousands too… incredible.—:shock:

I think I’ll call the the Press - or at least the Love Doctors


Did your application number end up being your license number?

No, I was application number 51

They are moving quickly and will then attempt to weed through the ones that are problems. I was #5 on line and ended up as #3. Someone else i know was #42 on line and is now license #12. Depended on the method of grandfathering also.

Congrats to all who has gotten theirs and to those who will be.

It is also amazing how quiet Mr. Meeker has gotten since July 1…:cool::cool::cool:


I talked to DBPR today. First called the central intake call number 850 487-1395 and verified that they had received my reponse to the deficiency notice that i received. When they confirmed the receipt of my fax of last week I asked if they had any additional info for me. They responded that I would hear from someone within 3 -4 weeks. I reminded him that I thought it was the Departments fault, and not mine, and that I shouldn’t have to wait due to there error. They offered to transfer me to the board to dispute a deficiency, i accepted. I was connected to Rick Morrison (direct line 850 922-6020), who I believe introduced himself as the Executive Director. I explained to him that I thought the initial deficiency was an inner office problem that they should correct as soon as possible. The deficiency was them not accepting my NACHI Proctored Exam. I explained that other InterNACHI members had already received their License using the same “Exam Results Certificate” as I had used. I explained that it appeared that some of the application processors were accepting the “Exam Certificate” while others were not, and I was curious if he was aware of this. He was very aware (thankyou Nick) and had instructed his people to correct the problem. However, when asked how long it would take to correct the problem, he said that the Dept. had 90 days ---- OUCH ------ I was very polite and asked in a slightly different tone and he responded - I should here something within 15 days. I complimented the department on a fine job of processing applications thus far, and he said I’ll have mine tomorrow – NO I’M JUST KIDDING, two weeks.

The problem was all due to the application processors not being notified that Florida InterNACHI was offering a proctored exam. Prior to June, InterNACHI did not offer a proctored exam, and some processors were not notified of the change.

Oh where did he go? :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe he is working on his kitchen:D

John, how long it took from the time the box got to DBPR to get your Lic #21?:roll:

My beautiful box got there today:p.