Home inspector lic #1

The man walk to the DBPR office and lay the box on top of the counter… he probably said: “Here is my 60LB box w/120 reports, application and my check, I want my home inspector license now”:mrgreen: and he got it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Here he is:
TALLAHASSEE Florida 32308

Leon County

You guys crack me up.

You know, whether someone is number 1 or number 10,001 it does not matter. Everyone is now on equal footing as far as the public and the State of Florida is concerned. I am not understanding the need to announce what number anyone has. It does not affect your standing or qualifications. You are still going to get price shoppers, low ballers, high ballers and no ballers.

Yes but I bet you mine is bigger than yours.

In Kansas, scumbag ASHI member Jeff Barnes, who chairs the Home Inspector Board, issued himself license #1, and then refused to issue any other licenses for months while he touted all over his website that he was the first and only licensed inspector in Kentucky.

I figured it was bragging rights. If that is the case the larger numbers should be coveted not the smaller.:wink:

I thought that was in Kansas.

Sorry, you are correct. It was Kansas.

I would love to have at least Lic# 101 it looks better than a single digit. Although, I would have preferred something like:


It would look much better on my business cards, website and brochures…

Man you guys cannot take a joke!!!. :|.)

I wanting number 999

That should be okay, I hear Burkson has 666 already on reserve. :mrgreen:

As it should be…:smiley:

Not a word from DBPR yet. I thought they hired 125 new employees to pull, read, classify, data entry and issue the license](*,). Apparemtly is just Bubba and Clye working on receiving…:roll:

Gene Yacobacci received his license in the mail yesterday. He has license #1 for mold remediator. Gene also has the best radon mitigation business in Florida, RMS www.radonfix.com . No one ever complains about his work and we have been involved with hundreds of his jobs.
Looks like you get large license to display and small one to carry.

What is the full number


Nerver mind I just got mine in the mail.


007 would be nice. I could see some marketing advantages with that. You could gold plate your laser thermometer and carry it in a holster on your hip. :slight_smile:

Well that just proves they will give a license to anyone

Larry Cerro is a close personal friend and a major player in Tallahassee, he has been working with the DBPR for years. Larry… Wear it well. :smiley:

Meh? I’m shooting for 666. :stuck_out_tongue:

007 would have been nice