License Requirement

TREC requires a minimum 12 hours in texas specific report writing. I have 350 hours in education, so I meet thier standard in hours.
Nobody offers over 8 hours in report writing, should I still send off my paperwork without it?

Is your 350 hours of education by a TREC approved home inspector licensing program?

Dominic, where are you located?
Did you get your training/education from an approved school? If you did, they should be able to help you out with the next step.
If you need any help, just give me a call 713-568-8184

He appears to be located in the El Paso area.


To help prevent any issues you might want to deactivate your WEB site until you are actually licensed. I see that you have no other State issued licenses that would allow you to advertise any home inspection services. Until you hold a license you are a target for anyone, or any agency, that encounters your WEB site. At this time it could cause you issues if someone files an illegal advertising complaint or report.

Also you need to look very closely at your advertisement for mold services. In the State of Texas that is a licensed activity controlled by The Texas Department of State Health Services. I do not see on their site where you are licensed as a Mold Assessment Technician or Mold Assessment Consultant. Your certification through the American Indoor Air Quality Council is not a substitute for a proper license from TDSHS.

Just as an FYI for you I would also speak to your E&O provider about your radon testing services. The E&O policies I have seen do not cover radon errors. At this time Texas does not have a license for this activity but does offer free radon testing kits through TDSHS and HD apparently sells them cheap as well. Is it worth taking the chance of an issue later??

Good luck in El Paso!

I was just about to say the same thing for his website being up without being licensed.

I’m assuming since you’re not listed on the TREC site that you haven’t received your license yet or you’ve not taken the test.

I would’ve assumed your education provider provided the report writing curriculum (though I do see that TREC says it is “additional”). Check with your provider as has already been stated above.

If they don’t provide it, others do:

Also, I’m in agreement with the others. If you have no license, you are not permitted to have a website advertising yourself as an inspector. TREC can/will fine you.

Also also, (and FYI) there are several typographical errors on your website. You’ll want to clean that up or people will not call you.

Take care, Bruce

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Thanks for all the advice. Currently I am only inspecting in New Mexico . I hope to take my TREC exam next month.

Good luck on it Dom. Quick question by the way, where can we see the full details about Texas Department of State Health Services?

I was looking all over for the checklist.