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So I have completed the CPI course through InterNACHI. I just passed the NHIE in the state of Ohio and now working on the pre-licensing course through InterNACHI. Completing 3 of the 8 requirements in Ohio. Trying to get my ducks in a line to start a successful business, what recommendations do you have ?

Do I need to form an LLC prior to holding the insurance and licensing ?

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Definitely go to and look around. There’s a ton of info and resources available. Good luck!

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Awesome! Thanks, Jacob

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I had a conversation with my attorney and my accountant about those types of matters.

It was well worth it.


Great advice. Thank you !

Caleb, once you get your legal matters in order and before you contact your local agents remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Have your business name and logo on your correspondence, your vehicle and your uniform ( shirts, hats, etc) Have your “why should you hire me speech” perfected. Do some dry runs with your relatives or friends. Your inspection report IMO is what will set you apart from your competition. There is a sweet spot between too little information and to much information in a report. Read as many reports you can find from well established inspectors. Be prepared to deliver your reports the same day or within 24 hours. Be honest with your clients and agents, if you don’t know something say so don’t ever get caught in a lie. I got my foot in the door 27 years ago, when another inspector pissed off a realtor the day before I walked into the realtor’s office. If you learn and improve with every inspection you will eventually build a good reputation and clients and agents will seek you out when they need an inspection. Good Luck


In addition to your question and advice given above.

IMO you should form your business, at minimum open business checking account, and fund your business for start up costs ASAP.

IMO keep your personal finances separate from your business finances.


Hey Caleb!

Im also from Ohio and I currently completed 7 of the required courses on Internachi for our pre license. I haven’t taken my nhie exam yet.

Good for you on getting everything lined up. I would follow the advice of others who commented earlier.

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Thanks, James. I’m not sure when you are planning to take the NHIE but let me know if you are looking for any advice! Also, what part of Ohio do you reside? I am midwest. Auglaize County

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Hi Caleb,

I’m in Sandusky County near Cedar Point. I scheduled my exam the last week of June. I figure I should be done with my pre-requisite classes for our license by then. Did you see Internachi was finally accepted by the state? :grinning::grinning:. I’m glad for that.

So have you heard if the state is accepting and license applications yet?

This is where I stand at right now on my course completion