Ohio 96-hour Pre-Licensing Course

I was trying to figure out the licensing situation in Ohio. Based on this forum it looks like InterNACHI has now submitted their application to become a education provider to meet the course requirement of the Ohio law. I stubbled across the Ohio 96-hour Pre-licensing Course. Is this the course that was submitted for approval. Can complete just the section and were not part of the CPI courses and get the certificate?

Also I encourage everyone to write their Ohio state legislators and encourage them to reopen the grandfather provision due to the covid delay. Based on this forum it seems like there is a good number of us stuck in limbo right now that could now qualify for the grandfather provisions.

Any Proactive communication from InterNACHI on what they know and the status of their application to be a course provide for Ohio would be greatly appreciated!!

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I’m in the same situation like you are. Right now I’m taking my cpi continuing Ed classes , so I can know what is what. Then onto my nhie exam. If I were you I’d focus on getting your nhie till we hear from the state… I think it’s a major embarrassment by the state to shut down because of covid-19, other regulated states didn’t.

Have you sent a insurance cert to the state like they asked for in their recent bulletin? I haven’t because obviously I don’t have a license number yet. Just curious


Nice work Nick The Ohio program has been stalled for a long time. Hopefully this will allow some of the younger guys get licensed. Some of us licensed guys are getting ready to retire…

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