Licensing in Illinois

I have been in the home inspection business for several years in Wisconsin. Every now and then I get a call from a border town in Illinois, which I turn down. I am now trying to move into Commercial Inspections, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to be licensed in Illinois as well, just for name recognition.

Illinois has a clause that allows for home inspection licensing reciprocity but does not mention the states with which there is reciprocity. I hope someone knows the answers to these questions, please:

  • Does Illinois have reciprocity with Wisconsin?
  • If not, and in order to apply for a license in Illinois without taking the required courses, am I allowed to apply my credits/courses from my Wisconsin license?

Many thanks.


Check with WI if they include IL in their reciprocity, otherwise give the IDFPR at the toll free number below.

Good Luck,

Bob C

Section 1410.120 Application for Non-Resident Home Inspector License by Reciprocity

An initial applicant who desires a Home Inspector License by reciprocity and holds a valid Home Inspector License issued by a proper licensing authority of another jurisdiction with which the Division has a valid reciprocal agreement shall submit to the Division:

a) An application, provided by the Division, that is signed and fully completed by the applicant;

b) The required fee set forth in Section 1410.400, payable to the Department; and

c) A certificate of good standing from the applicant’s licensing authority.

(Source: Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 8063, effective June 3, 2010)

Toll Free:1-888-4REGUL8 (1-888-473-4858)

Thank you, Bob. I’ll give it a try.

They answered immediately, as follows, in blue lettering so I can understand it without hurting my lips as I read:

“Illinois does not have any reciprocal agreements set up with any other states that require a home inspector license”

So, that’s that. Thanks for the help.