Licensing Question

I have reciently completed the classroom education requirements for a professional inspector in Texas, but before I could get my license they changed the requirements saying that I need hands on experance or another 120 hours of classes. Well I am in the Navy and moved to Virginia. My question is should I finish getting my license in Texas and then transfer it to Virginia or should I just try and get it in Virginia?

Rusty Dailey

Ask in the licensing forum. I can fill out your VADOPR and sign it for you to get voluntary certification in VA if you need me to.

You the man Nick! He should join just on your gesture.

Rusty…there are no provisions for transferring a HI license from Texas to another state nor does Texas have reciprocity with any other states. You will need to meet the VA requirements and apply there. It would seem to make sense to take Nick up on his offer if that would help get your license there.

Well on the application for a Va license it says:

[size=3]For those applicants who hold membership in good standing in a national or state professional home inspectors association, specific membership requirements that are equal to or exceed certification requirements listed above may be accepted to satisfy the classroom instruction, experience or written competency examination entry certification requirements.

So if I read this correctly it says that if I have a license in Tx it will transfer over since the standards are higher in Tx then they are in VA.

What is a voluntary certification?


This appears to refer to an HI “association”. IE: INachi, ASHI, NAHI, TAREI not a state-specific license such as the TX TREC or TN or many others.


Nolan K.
Dallas, TX

If you are definitely going to take full-time residence in Virginia, simply study a sorts of HI material until you get out of the service or ready for a part-time position as a HI.


Home inspectors are governed in the Commonwealth of Virginia by the Virginia Certified Home Inspectors Regulations. While home inspectors are not licensed, you should have a certificate. There is no listed requirement for continuing education in Virginia. Our courses are good for your professional continuing education credits.

I will be back in Va in late March and my intentions are to do inspections as a side job as time allows. Like I said earlier I have completed 440 hours of training for the Texas license, so that isn’t a problem, it’s just getting the actual hands on experance to be able to get my license in either state.

It sounds, correct me if I am wrong, but you are mixing “training, certificates and licensing” up and confusing one for another. If there is no license in VA and all you need is a certificate from a National or State Association, then simply take the tests and meet the requirements to join NACHI, get your membership “squared away” and forget about trying to get a license in Texas, as it will do you no good unless you plan to live and work there. The training and documentation requirements in TX sound to be very strict whereas in VA they may not be as there is no license (perhaps other than occupational, county and city requirements). You will need to find out what you need in VA as that is where you will be stationed, living and doing inspections. Many of us in here are ex military and some of us are retired military and even fewer of us are retired Navy so if you need some help do not be afraid to ask; send an email or pick up the phone.

Well I have finally made it to VA for good. I need to find someone willing to have me as an apprentice so that I can get the required inspections for licensing. Would anyone be willing to offer up their experiance and expertise or have someone I should call?

Rusty Dailey

I looked there already, I just wanted to see if some one might want to volunteer or know someone willing to help.


IMO…You may have to go outside your service area for training and ride-a-longs, as many HI’s will not want to train their future competition.