FL 4 Point Rejected For No Life Expectancies

Rec’d this e-mail from an ins agent today:

Can you please put the life expectancy under each of the categories or the companies will not take them.”

[FONT=Arial]I submitted the FL IN 4 Pt form downloaded from the FL IN website for this job in Vero Beach. The only line item on the form for “Estimated Life Expectancy” is in the roofing section and I filled that one out.

Anyone else faced this? How did you resolve it?


Yes. I have. Tell them there is no way to determine that and that their is no uniform 4 point inspection. Tell them you will not risk your a-s trying to guess how long something will last. Tell them that you have told your client to file an immediate complaint against them with the OIR.

This might help…

I guess this guy is some know it all that represents many different companies. The client may not have even needed one if he used someone else.

What is the name of the company so we can all steer clear.

Send them a copy of the InterNACHI or even the Florida InterNACHI Life Expectancy list.

I see it all the time and answer the question to the best of my ability.

John, can you be more specific? How do you answer what question?

“*put the life expectancy under each of the categories”

[FONT=Arial]There are a lot of ‘categories’
Did you modify the form somehow? These things are getting to be a lot of trouble, esp. if you get a call-back. The IN Form is already almost a full home inspection.

What they are looking for is at least 5 years left on Electrical, Plumbing and Roofing…
if you feel comfortable something like this will work
“Electrical has approx. 5 years remaining useful life”

for plumbing if the water heater is old we tend to exclude it.

Obviously if it is a Zinsco panel or polybutylene pipe or ANY OTHER Defect that you seem serious… you cannot put that statement.

Federated is the one who requires this. Hope that helps

Meeker - please don’t yell at me… just stating the facts.


Attached is just one example of a 4 Point form (not the NACHI form) that asks for Life Expectancy…

I personally use the NACHI 4 Point form and when asked about life expectancy just add it to the comments section of each of the 4 categories. I base the life expectancy on the NACHI Chart.

That is why you should NEVER NEVER NEVER use the IN form make up your own or look at mine then add year updated when you can tell and total amps. attach unlabeled pictures of whatever you look at. Done deal.

You have to be crazy to us the IN form it is a mini home inspection. All that crap for how much $?

as nice as that sounds Mike… some underwriters just will not take a form without certain info on it.

We don’t live in that world.

They do from me. I almost never have any issues. Any issue I have ever had has been fixed without caving.

For the record I HATE 4 POINTS.



I would never yell at a Lady :slight_smile:

Well unless I hit that damn cap button again.

T-Y, Nick.

It’s not that I don’t know the life exp’s. Rather, I thought I was using the most-approved reporting form.


Problem Solved :slight_smile:

Standardization sucks and is good for no one but the insurance companies. Wake up.

LOL! Thank you! :smiley:

Maybe a way to circumvent this situation is put the estimated upgrade date for each category. They almost always want to know when the electrical and roof has been updated. They can estimate life left from that number.

Hey Nick. Can you change the life exp. for metal roof to 50+ years. It seams there a conflict when a copper roof, which is metal last 50+ yrs but a pain metal roof last 17-20 yrs. I think you may want to amend that on the chart.