Tile roof life expectancy

I am doing a home inspection Friday for a 1st time home buyer. He is all concerned about the original 52 year old tile roof and he is wondering if it is possible for me to give it four more years. I told him I can only give it what it actually has.

My question is: What if I feel the roof still has 10 or so years left on it? Am I required to adhere to the Citizens 50 year life expectancy of a tile roof or can I just go with what I actually see? It seems to me that no matter what I put on the report Citizens will still go with their 50 year rule.

Any comments?

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I have seen tile last longer.

I have a tile roof in Ft Lauderdale that is 57 years old and citizens still insures it. Of course they want an inspection every two to three years.
Still cheaper than anew roof.

I have inspected roofs that were over 100 years old. They could last another 100 years.

Yes they can last 100 years depends on location and the company who installed them, not just some guy who just got his license and hires a bunch of drifters to install them. Many in Fort Lauderdale just make 40 years and numerous repairs. Poor workmanship.

The problem with tile roofs ia usually related to the fasteners. If you feel the fasteners will last and the rest of the roof looks good give them your honest opinion.

Fasteners and flashing are the major causes of failure. A roof that old could also have a good amount of broken tiles due to traffic from cleaning etc. Corroded fasteners and broken tiles are pretty easy to spot, unfortunately it usually takes a leak to expose failed flashing on tile roofs. Hidden problems will always be an issue, all we can do is evaluate the condition of the visible components.