Lift Station

The septic failed so now we have a lift station with a vent?



I haven’t really seen any of these lift stations before. I do understand a little. It looks like a manhole cover and I am assuming maybe a grinder pump for the Sewer and Septic System. Am I right? Maybe with a lot more folks in this area, I have a good possibility of running into a few.

Any information on inspecting them for future reference, would be greatly appreciated. Be safe out there man.

Just out of curiosity, was there any foul odors anywhere (Interior / Exterior)?


Have seen a few lift stations but none like this and with exposed open pipes like a vent. This was an occupied duplex and the info I gained from the tenant was the septic quit working so they installed this and now it does not work right either. No foul odor anywhere. Have recommended the buyer have a consultation on repair and or replacement of a proper waste system.

Lift station means going uphill.

Was the basement dry ?

Gotta love that vent located beneath an openable (?) window!

This is Florida we don’t have basements

It swivels :mrgreen:

Do you have hills? (aka… dunes). :mrgreen:

If it were a lift station, with grinder pump, then the raw sewage is would be pumped out of the pipe that terminates under the window. So much for the fresh smell of spring.

It’s probably an aerator, and runs underground, empties into a canal or ditch. The white pipe is a vent, but, like Mr. Jonas says, should not be under the window.