Light approved for wet locations?

This recessed light fixture was above the stall shower. Approved?

041910 250.JPG

Not unless the bulb is.
Usually there is a protection over the bulb.

Inside the fixture tells you if it is damp or wet rated.

One thing to note, according to the NEC, the light is only required to be wet location rated when subject to shower spray which is a rather subjective requirement. So a light less than 8’ above the shower threshold may or may not need to be marked as suitable for wet locations.

You’ve confirmed what I was too lazy to look up. Thanks to both of you. I wrote it up.

There are listed open trims like this for wet and damp areas.

Example, please…?

Yes, please. I searched online after I posted this question and didn’t see any open trims approved for wet/damp locations from online dealers I looked at.

Check out the P8075-28 rated for damp and the P8074WL-28 which is wet rated.

Very useful Jim. [size=3]Two key requirements make wet location possible. [/size]

Adhesive backed, high-temperature acrylic gasket is placed on interior top portion of reflector to prevent the passage of water into socket

Use only outdoor rated par lamps.

Thats why I said MOST.

Better to have the shade type as a regular Joe will not always know to put in a proper bulb.

Good thread. Thanks to all for the posts.

I always recommend a water proof bulb like this one.