Shower Light

Is it OK to use an exterior type sealed light fixture in a shower stall?
Just doesn’t seem right, the builder says he uses them all the time.

Like this???

P9050008 (Small).JPG

Builder? That looks like a homeowner job.

Jim King

And you wonder why the require permits.

If it is good for outside, it is good for the shower. They are both rated for damp or wet locations.

There are specific rules about it but as Steven said, it is generally legal.

It must be 8(eight) feet over any water line.

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David, true that drawing is referencing *“cord-connected luminaires (fixtures), chain-, cable-, or cord-suspended-luminaires (fixtures), lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans”.

*Surface or recessed ceiling fixtures, or securely mounted wall fixtures, approved for WET locations are legal in “the zone”.


Thanks for the help, this is a new $400,000 new house, I just didn’t expect to see an exterior light in the shower stall. I guess the builder saved himself 2 or 3 dollars.

Why does everyone think it is always about money???

Maybe the wacko homeowner wanted some weird lights in their shower. Do you honestly thin in a $400k home the builder had any input as to light fixture selection?

I just last year did finish work on an over $1m home. The master bath (HUGE) had a walk in/out shower area, large enough for 3-4 people, that had three “bulkhead” type outdoor wall fixtures in it.