Light Fixture a cross from shower

Hate to start this but the landload is geting on my case
again…and I do care about code…and care for safety

This doesn’t seem safe to me…the angle of the pic could have been better, but this fixture is directly a cross from the shower no more then a 1 ft and water hits it.
guarantee the actual light fixture is not water proof or belong in there no caulk or waterproofing of any kind…

I am going to write it up as a safety issue…and some help on the wording would be appreciated. and send it to the city

There is no issue with that light or its location, nor is there any “code” violation.

Exactly what Jeff said.


If water is hitting the ceiling out there, I think you should be talking to the “Plumbing” Dpt… ?

I would report the occurring issue, but I wouldn’t be calling the city…

You guys that like to “Stretch” the issues need to be careful:
#1 It is not in your scope.
#2 You are not a code official.
#3 You lack the documentation to prove an issue exists.

Will everyone use the shower like you did during the inspection?

BTW: Just wondering if you bring your own towels to inspection, or do you use the homeowners? :wink:

I agree with the others (non-issue). But was wondering what you would propose as a solution?

That is an ugly fixture and if it was my house I would get rid of the light and change out the exhaust fan to a combination light/fan. Also make sure that there was a light bar over the sink.

On an inspection I would have issues only with the plumbing if it was affecting the light. Like others have stated no issues with location of light.

Since you fail to understand that “CODE” is Safety…I will offer up no response.:twisted:

Why on EARTH would you want to dig up that long aged post…and bring it back to life…Really!


Yup an old thread from the grave with a new post containing a link.