QOD- 6/2/2007 - Electrical

Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture…?

Helpful- yes, It is in a shower Area
Helpful- yes, The recess light is IC Rated

My question is this, Of the factors involved and we know what is allowed and what is not…what would concern you the “MOST” about this install.

See Image Attached. ( Visual Question Of The Day )
P.S. Multiple Answers are allowed…and lets keep it simple folks…no hypotheticals please.


answer edited out… should give people a chance first.

Give em time fella…we know you know the answer but they are the ones whom it is directed too…which is why I want to keep the HYPOTHETICALS out of it…no what if’s…just base it on what they see.

Water splashing on a hot bulb. :shock:

lol…atleast that WOULD cool it down…

…plus it looks like the ceiling (and light) is less than 7’ considering the height of typical shower head is 6’ 6"/6’ 8" or so…wet location rated?

I said no hypotheticals fella…lol…just the obvious ( FYI…recesses can be within that area under specific conditions )

Notice it says nothing about recess lights or surface mounted lights…other than they must be rated for…well if I said it I would give away 50% of the question…lol


I guess my main concern would be cool water splashing on the bulb causing it to burst.

Light should have a moisture proof/resident cover on it.

fixture not rated for wet location (no lens/cover)

ok It is late an I am to tired to post tonight…BUT Is no one concerned that a regular bulb is in this fixture that is designed for a reflector bulb…the heat from a standard bulb can cause BIG problems…

I will elaborate more tomorrow…got back late from the DPOR in Richmond,VA


I have splashed H2O on IR heat lamps is said holders and taken a shower in glass

Real fun if one is in ones bare feet

Problem is the bulb and the complete rig not for a wet location

I have the same problem in my own bath room but can’t make the room larger

Perhaps I just decommission all lights


You should have had it inspected NACHI style before you moved in. LOL

Ok…sorry for the delay…

1.) The luminare needs to be rated for Damp Locations and we can’t really determine that because we can’t see inside ( no hypo’s ) so as a good inspector suggesting a Vapor Trim to ensure it is rated for damp locations would be the best course of action…now in regards to that bulb…it will not radiate heat out away from the fixture as it should with a standard bulb in it…this is a fire hazard…it should be replaced with a reflector type bulb of proper wattage ( usally 65W to 75W …but depends on the luminare )…anyway a standard bulb should never be in a recess light.

Good info Paul, I never thought about the bulb heat before.


That trim may well be a “shower trim”. There are open trims (no glass on the front) that are shower rated. They have a rubber gasket built into them that seal around the neck of the lamp as you install the bulb. There are no such shower rated trims, however, that are rated for a standard A-19 style lamp (which is what is pictured).

Hey So What!!! They have lights submerged in water in swimming pools!!! :roll:

hehehe Just kidding! :mrgreen:

I was the guys to be more concerned about the fact they make MANY lights that are recess…not all will allow a standard incand. bulb in them, be aware of the wattage, be aware of signs of heat on the sheetrock around the trim, be aware of the OVERALL picture…not just is THAT light shown ok with that bulb…I happen to agree with greg in that the HEAT to me would be the issue on this luminare…but then again…only my opinion and we all have one so its all good.