Not sure where to post this one...

Any Suggestions?

How about the “Weird art dept.”?

Is there a special recipe for those??? :p;-)

Looks like Kentucky or SW Texas. April fool.

Exposed broken tile edges can be very sharp. Use caution

I wasn’t sure if those were eyes looking at me or “High Beams”

That’s what watching too much HGTV will do for you!

Those sconces need to be removed or raised to 8 feet.
Are they trying to catch water or what?

I thought they were triple D-cup supports myself. :mrgreen::wink:

I like it.

Nick, they will not like it when that wallpaper starts peeling.

I see shelves and no shower diverter so splashing may not be an issue. My mom had wallpaper put in the main bathroom 40 years ago. Not one lifted corner or seam. If it is done properly by someone that knows what they are doing and using the correct type of wallpaper and glue, there won’t be any issues.

Honey, I can’t read in the tub cause one of the lights is out. Can you hand me a bulb? Zzzzzzzttttt…

Why? I don’t see a shower head.

Guess your picture shows the whole wall as I would not assume based on shelving.
Also since when does the 8 foot rule apply only to showers?

I see no shower in either illustration .
[ATTACH]Tub zone.jpg[/ATTACH]

Here’s the rest of the story…No Shower. That was in the basement. People think kitchens and bathrooms sell homes…No April Fools.

BTW, Spoke tonight at the Sheboygan County Home Builder’s Association on Home Maintenance from HI’s Perspective. Great Night for our Industry. All of you are fantastic and THANK YOU!

No diverter on the faucet either. With the upgrading, I doubt they would use a 3 handle faucet.

So do you feel code does not apply?

The code applies to “hanging” type fixtures (pendants, tracks, fans, etc), not wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixtures. Your illustrations are a bit misleading in that respect

Jeff, that makes no sense to me.
Nothing electrical and especially something with a scoop that could potentially hold water that is definitely not water proof should be in that tub area.

I guess there is zero chance anyone soaking wet would ever touch that wall as they get out ,right?

The only way you could justify it would be if the “absolute” only reason for concern is broken glass from a hanging fixture.

Those lights are lower than the shelves and if housings become electrified (GFCI)? what will happen to you when you brush against them while reaching for the scrub pad on the shelf.
Forget code and use the noodle.

Home owner called the inspector and he said as long as the sconce is on a GFIC circuit.

I double checked with the 2005 edition, and noticed they added allowing wall sconces in the “restricted zone” in and above tubs and showers, and need to be rated for Damp Locations unless subjected to shower then need to be rated for Wet Locations, and only need to be GFI protected if recommended by the fixture manufacturer.