Light Switch Location

What is your thoughts on a light switch located on wall that shares the same wall cavity as the shower plumbing. I know current standards call out light switches should not be within 3 feet of the bath or shower. In this case the switch is but in an indirect way. I know indirect or not the switch still is too close.

Here is the narrative I wrote, what are your thoughts. Is this an issue or would you just have moved on.

“Master bathroom, poor placement of bathroom light switch. Light switch shares same wall cavity as the shower’s water supply pipes. I recommend relocating light switch or installing GFCI protection on the light switch circuit to help prevent potential of a shock or electrical damage if a plumbing leak should occur inside the wall cavity.”

I don’t think that 3 foot clearance is a real thing.

Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.

Are we talking same wall cavity with switch on the other side of the wall? Wouldn’t the pipes from the shower in the wall cavity be about three feet from the switch box and wiring that is running inside that wall.

Juan is correct. I believe the 3’ rule is only in Canada, it is not in USA.

But a switch is not allowed within the zone, which sounds like it is in your case.

Looks like Larry beat me. :slight_smile:

3ft. by 8 ft. tub shower elec. zone.jpg

Thanks guys, here is the photo showing the switch location.

Shower Wall Switch.jpg

Not a code issue. You are making a mountain out of a ant hill. Wiring can touch plumbing pipes and still not be a code issue.

Since the switch was there before the towel bar someone made a poor choice for the towels.

The 3’ rule does not exist in the NEC .

I will stand in a shower with the water running all day while flipping the switch and not worry about a shock.

I could not find any codes relating to this switch location either. I will scratch narrative from my library.

Thanks everyone for your comments and illustrations.

There is no problem with the switch in the same cavity or within 3’ of the shower so deleting that wording is a good idea.