Lights in Crawlspace

I believe the NEC requires lights in crawlspaces. Are there any requirements or recommendations for lights in crawlspaces such as clearances to combustibles like insulation paper? I have seen lights almost rubbing up against insulation. Is there a standard?

You can make any recommendation that you want, especially safety, and they can do it or not.

Quoting codes can get you in trouble.

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Was not required when my home was built.

Most insulation manufacturers state the paper should not be exposed.

Incandescent lights would be considered an issue IMO. But, the exposed paper should not be there anyway…chicken or the egg?

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Unless these spaces will be used for storage or contain equipment requiring servicing, no lighting outlet is required.


in my experience. if it has lights we call it a basement… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


20 years ago, I was a project manager for a HVAC company. We were doing a project where the ductwork filled the entire tunnel. The only purpose of the tunnel was for the duct. On the design, there was a light fixture at the end of the tunnel, which obviously had to be installed first. In one of the weekly meetings, there was a 15–20 minute discussion on what happens if the light bulb burnt out. The engineer and architect were adamant that the light fixture had to be installed as it was technically a crawlspace. They were considering having everything torn out and redoing the tunnel so someone could walk under the ductwork to change the lightbulb.

Sometimes people overthink things.