Like This TPR Valve

Compression fittings and all. :neutral:

You could write up the TPR piping since it’s suppose to have no kinks or restrictions in the piping.

Are you sure that this is the TPR plumbing? I see a pipe going up from water heater. Looks more like a pressure relief valve to me. Is there a Watts 210 on the gas line?

Hard to tell from the photos, but it doesn’t look at all like a TPR to me.

Looks like some kind of branch off of one of the water supplies…?

Probably the remnants of piping that once connected to an expansion tank…

Nothing wrong per se with compression fittings, but the ones this installer used were for gas and he used them on water…:slight_smile:

That’s what it is, right off of the cold water supply. Gas fittings, that’s why I showed both pics. I barely touched it and it slid right off. It is a Richmond 1992. Someone had put a galvanized plug where the valve is to connect to on top. If water did shoot out it would hit the furnace, which is about two feet directly behind it.