Limitations, Liabilities and Impedences

On my summarry page I have an area where I list limitations, liabilities & impedences.

I wanted to see what other inspectors do or say.

For example I had a home with a older intercom system and I told the client that this is original to the house (40 years) and I dont test them. (See wanted all the intercoms tested)

I can see why RRay offers the different types of inspections.

Some systems that I list are…Septic, well, landscape lighting,alarm, invisible fences, generators, gas grills, outbuidings.

I always not if the bath tub access panels are missing or blocked. Why in new construction they never seem to install a access. Do they figure that they will never need repairing?

I also list that I cant inspection foundation drainage tiles.

I was just wondering what other inspectors say about certain areas that are beyond a general inspection.


I don’t inspect things where I lack the competence, experience or education to back up my findings. But in the case of the intercom, I would have asked the buyer what in particular she wanted inspected and what criteria she determined that would cause the system to be considered satisfactory or defective. If she could give me that information then I would be able to determine if I was capable in inspecting it, if not I would defer it to an expert.