Link Exchange Updates

Hello Guys,

I’m overhauling my 3 older HTML websites to today’s new and improved CSS coding and I’m also switching around the URL placements of two of my sites.

Keeping that in mind, I have exchanged links with many of you (on all 3 of my websites) in the past years so I will be transferring all existing reciprocating links to my new websites.

As I was going through home inspector websites (that had me linked at one time)… I am finding that there are many home inspectors who now have my link(s) removed from their website. I’m not sure why and I don’t care to know why. I’m simply removing all links who are not linked to my site today.

I have been adding all reciprocating HI links to my site HERE.

For those who are not listed on my Resource page today or have never linked to my HI website or if you would like to add your link to my new website, please go ahead and request a link exchange HERE.

Thank you in advance.

Still have you linkedDavid.

Same here Dave
and here
and here


Would you please do me a favor?

Can you add my revised URL
to the text “Massachusetts Home Inspection” into the beginning of the link description that you have posted there on your site?

Your link is now active on my Resources page.

Thank you Linus,

As I stated earlier, I have reversed my URLs. Would you please be so kind to leave those links there but to also link to

I can then insert additional links of yours to my Resources page.

Thank you, Sir.

It’s added David.


Thank you Chris. Very much appreciated.

I’m not on your list.
I have 3 links to your sites.

My info is in my Sig Block under request a link.


I’m still looking into many past link exchanges and bringing them into my new site.

Thank you for the request…You are now LISTED

I still have you listed on my website, but I don’t see me listed on yours.


I reversed my website URLs. Please go HERE to request a link exchange and I’ll be sure to add your link to my site.


All set Mike. Thank you Sir.

So what is the advantage to going CSS compared to HTML?

I personally liked the looks of your orginal site better.

Your welcome and thank you as well.


It’s the same exact content as my previous site so I don’t know how you could like my previous site better.

I simply switched my URLs around and I’m using my secondary site URL to replace my primary site URL simply because I like the the text in this URL better.

HTML and CSS differentiate from each other dramatically. CSS cuts down on the ammount of code needed to write a web page and it makes it easier to change a web page. CSS selectors let you style tags depending on their location in a document which will reduce the number of id and class tags you’ll need in HTML. The only problem I’m having is re-learning code, but I don’t mind.

Thanks for taking the time to explain CSS to me.

It was the original template, I liked. Now it just looks like just a regular website to me.

You’re Welcome. When you have time, you can find more info. on CSS vs. HTML HERE and HERE.

I liked the other template also but it was not transferable to my new site due to its smaller size. Today’s computer screens are much wider than they were back in 2005 when I had that older template developed. I needed a much wider header image (to render properly to today’s much wider screens) and that’s what lead me to my existing image. I really like the new (cleaner) image.

Please keep us informed on how the changes to your website affected the organic search ranking.


As of today both websites remain in the same position.