Links to advertisements attached to words on my website

I didn’t install those links. I’m working on my website in Wordpress and since I’ve switched to Chrome, when I add text to my website, when I view the page, almost every sentence has a link to somebody’s advertisement that I didn’t install. It’s like somebody’s monetizing my website and it’s not me.
Anyone know how to deal with this?

Switch to HTML mode, then look for and delete the unwanted URL code.

Thanks Stephen! How do they do that?


They probably haven’t. I get customers who think ReportHost has been hacked because they see advertising on pages or in hosted reports.

It’s an Extension you’ve ended up installing in Chrome. Sometimes they are sneaky in getting them in there. If you open the same page in another browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, Opera…) you won’t see them.

In Chrome, type chrome://extensions in the address bar. Then turn off (slider) or (better) remove every extension you don’t recognize.

I’m betting your problem will go away.


Worked for me Scott, thank you!