Webmaster Etiquette again!!!

Ok… I thought I would mention this again because it seems to be bigger problem than last time I posted on this.

I was looking at my website stats trying to get a realistic idea of how many inbound links I have set up for my site. So, I notice a link coming from a home inspector’s site that I know I did not set up a reciprical link with. I thought, “Wow…that’s coool. Someone liked my site enough to link to it without me asking or asking for a reciprical link.”

So, I decided to check out who it was and visit their site. While I was looking through the pages, I noticed this guy copied and pasted my source code and stuck it in his site. Granted, the content is InterNACHI’s and Russell Ray’s free for all members to use, but the coding is mine. How do I know it’s my code? Because the member of this association that did it didn’t even remove my personalized company information from a PDF file. Links for graphics for his Move In Certified are pulling the pictures from my site.

Bottom line…Stop stealing from other websites!!! Ask first before you simply start using someone elses bandwidth to pull pictures and files that you are passing off on your site as your own. Pretty damned tacky this guy didn’t even make an effort to remove my company information from the pdf file.

These are the pages I am talking about:

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WOW !!!