List of countries with the most people in prison per capita:

Number of prisoners per 100,000 citizens:

Lee Greenwood: Maybe time to update those lyrics, huh?

Now, how many of those countries still use capitol punishment?

Now, how many of those countries still use capitol punishment?

China, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, United States, and South Sudan.

Boy are we in bad company.

And we are one of the only countries that formally legalizes slavery to this day.

You forgot the US. “In the United States, capital punishment is a legal penalty throughout the country at the federal level, in 27 states, and in American Samoa, It is also a legal penalty for some military offenses” Better watch out because US politics is headed in the wrong direction.

The legal institution of human chattel slavery , comprising the enslavement primarily of Africans and African Americans, was prevalent in the United States

Not sure if this is the point JJonas was making but is it possible that the countries on the “bad company” list just fry their criminals and we let ours sit in jail? Hence, inflating our “incarceration” rate compared to theirs?


For-profit private prisons probably have a lot to do with this.

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Why stop there? Just like the lack of personal responsibility that so many in this country suffer from, The lack of public responsibility is pervasive in Government. They won’t pass laws, they won’t review or change laws, They don’t protect the people or provide for the public welfare (I’m not talking about welfare payments). They spend money like it’s theirs and then raise taxes when they run out. They spend all their time in office planning on how to get re-elected.

Did you know that at one time of day we had asylums for indigent, homeless, aged, and insane. These were publicly funded institutions. We took care of people. Government graft and corruption put an end to that. Now we farm out all those jobs to private institutions on the public dole. A whole new form of corruption.

As long as your elected representative feels he can get re-elected . . he doesn’t care. (note from Old School usage “he” refers to the human animal of either sex. If that offends you snowflakes and you need a “safe” space - too bad, I don’t care)


Interesting statement by President Trump regarding this very thought during his CPAC speech!

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I see that the “Hug A Thug” programs are working so well. Crime rates keep going up. No accountable on justice for the victims. We all know that the “Death Penalty” is not fully used. If we would actually use it, in a timely manner, maybe it would actually be a deterrent. What every happened to personal accountability?
This is the “Greatest Country in the World”.

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