This Friday marks the 11th anniversary of the U.S. keeping POWs in perma-captivity.

This January 11 marks the 11th anniversary of the date the U.S. captured patriots on their own property who were attempting to expel a more powerful invader… and imprisoned them in a disgusting P.O.W. camp.

Here are some facts about the shameful North Vietnamese (oops, I mean U.S.) Guantanamo P.O.W. concentration camp:

  • 86% of the detainees housed there were never captured by American forces but rather handed over to coalition forces by Afghani or Pakistani villagers in exchange for a bounty. How would you like to go to jail for years based on the testimony of someone who profits from that testimony?
  • Our own government estimates 92% of the detainees have never fought for al-Qaeda. They fought to expel a more powerful foreign invader who came 1/2 way around the world to occupy their homeland. They are patriots for their country just like you and I would be for our country if the U.S. was invaded. They are their country’s heroes.
  • Some of those captured and taken away to the U.S.-run concentration camp were children as young as age 15, fighting to defend their home towns from foreign occupancy.
  • The International Red Cross has condemned the prolonged detention of prisoners at the concentration camp.
  • Britain’s third most senior judge, Judge Johan Steyn, criticized the U.S. for holding people in Guantanamo, calling it a “monstrous failure of justice.” “By denying the prisoners the right to raise challenges in a court about their alleged status and treatment, the United States government is in breach of the minimum standards of customary international law.”
  • Of the 779 people detained at Guantanamo since it opened in 2002, more than 600 have already been released without ever being charged with a crime, because our government couldn’t find any evidence that the people in question had ever been involved in terrorism. The 600 and their families have never been financially compensated for their prison time.
  • In February 2006, a United Nations human rights report called on the United States to immediately close Guantanamo, saying that some of the treatment meted out to detainees there amounted to torture.
  • Seven U.S. military prosecutors assigned to Guantanamo have resigned or requested reassignment due to concerns that the military trials being held there are unjust. The youngest prisoner, captured when he was a child, was given a prison sentence that is 15 years longer than U.S. prosecutors recommended! WTF?
  • Each year, the U.S. government pays rent to the sovereign country of Cuba for the land the Guantanamo base is on. Cuba has never cashed the checks and also views the base as a foreign invasion/occupancy of their country.
  • Not a single U.S. serviceman who worked at this concentration camp has ever been charged with crimes against humanity, despite their participation in operating the Hitler-style secret prison.

If you have family members serving in the U.S. military, you don’t want the enemy to point to Guantanamo as a justification for keeping your loved one in perma-captivity… should they ever be captured. Doing so is a violation of international rules of war.

Please keep this in mind whenever you see one of those silly, black POW-MIA YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN flags. It is the U.S. that dishonorably keeps P.O.W.s in perma-captivity. And they are not forgotten.

Too bad republicans keep on adding amendments onto bills to keep the prison open. It is not due to Obama, it is the Republicans’ doing!

Obama had threatened to veto the measure because of a number of concerns, including limits on his authority to transfer terrorist suspects from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for one year.

Gitmo is a bit overshadowedthese days…

Obama had two years of carte blanche to close it. Which Republican stopped him?

Obama can’t run for a third term. He should fulfill his campaign promise and close the concentration camp… and then arrest the war criminals who operated it.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Obama wants to send the gitmo folks to Illinois, a little over 125 miles from me. What does he care? He’ll be in his free Hawaiian estate.

Islamic radicals in your own back yard, brought to you by Obama and Illinois senator Dick Turban. That’s how desparate for cash our liberal controlled state government is. Send the terror suspects to the one state without a concealed carry law.:roll:

Well, it isn’t very “radical” to attempt to expel a foreign invader from your homeland. I want my team to win… but it’s the opponent’s prerogative to resist.

If the Afghan Army ever sets up a military base in Boulder, Colorado… I’ll be a road-side bomb settin’, hostage-takin’, machete swingin’, face handkerchief wearing, video makin’ patriot myself. And if I am captured by the enemy and taken 1/2 way around the world to a P.O.W. camp… I would hope to be treated humanely and to one day be released so that I can return home to Colorado.

Time to close Guantanamo.

Concentration camp?

It seems to me that it’s a resort compared to real concentration camps with ovens.

The countries that these fine “patriots” came from don’t want them back and the ones that have been returned tend to end up killing more Americans.

It’s tough for me to shed crocodile tears over these murders plucked from the battlefield.

Though I do believe they should be tried and sentenced by military tribunals and not held indefinitely in limbo.

Obama now knows much more than he did when he promised to close gitmo. Think about that.

I bet the detainees are not complaining. Free food, soccer fields, TV, internet, medical care, clothing, medical; they have it better there than in their own country.

Nick you have my full agreement!

The invaded people have a right to resist occupancy by shooting back. If that makes them “murderers” in your opinion, what does that say about your opinion of those on the invading/occupying side of the battlefield? Something worse than murderers? There is no such thing as “murderers” on a battlefield… only warriors (on both sides).

The Senate leader

It’s not all fun and games for them Gary, I heard the guards make them walk the prison roofs during their daily inspections.:mrgreen:

That is historically true, however, these “religious soldiers” are intentionally targeting innocent children and unarmed civilians. That is not a warrior, that is a coward, and that is a terrorist.

I agree! Close it down…only after designating it a Bushmaster testing facility!

Nick is spot on with the synopsis of what is happening in my opinion.

Patriot and terrorist depends on what side of the war your on.

I agree with Nick 100% and if you want to read some scary numbers go look here…

Wow, clean the sand from your eyes and ears.

That link is from 2009, during Obama’s carte blanche. What was the bill in which Mitch McConnell’s(Senate MINORITY leader in 2009:roll:) deciding vote blocked Obama’s heartfelt attempts to close Gitmo?

So are these numbers

And Saddam should also get credit for a few hundred thousand from your link as well. Looks like he wins… well, sort of.:frowning:

Iraq had three sides, Saddam’s, the coalition’s and terrorist groups.

A couple hundred in prison from the first and last sides mentioned above doesn’t bother me one bit.

Call me when you get upset about 10-15 million dead American children in the same 11 year period.

10-15 million American children died?..Damn I have to get off the golf course. Never heard about this

Pssst Sadam was killed over 6 years ago…