Listen to Bruce Williams Show? I'm buying a ton of radio spots for InterNACHI members

I got a bazillion 30-second spots for 1/8 the price they were selling for last year. Does anybody get the Bruce Williams Show in their market?

Yep. 6-8pm weekdays. KXEL1540AM. He gets quite a few IA callers too.:cool:

I wasn’t sure so I looked it up. Here’s all the stations (looks like 59) and states he’s in, plus he’s on XM.

Never heard of it…

Sounds like what most agents say when they ask if you are ASHI. No, I’m NACHI… Never heard of it…

Looks like a waste.
All small markets.

Not anywhere in New Mexico from what I see.

I could also do 550 stations with Rush, but I’m not sure all our members would agree. You can’t believe how cheap radio spots are these days.

He’s the most listened to Radio talk show in the world. You don’t have to like his politics to appreciate the level of impact that advertising would do for the company…

Rush I hate but he gets listeners.

Even Democrat’s listen for the laughs.

That is a comedy show right?

I hadn’t heard of him either, but he’s on XM radio so that’s nationwide. Looks like he’s been around awhile.

Havent heard his talk show, but have read his newspaper column.

It appears he broadcasts to a city about 45 miles from me, which is at the edge of my *primary *market. More details as to what you are offering?

Try WLS or WIND in Chicago. The drive time show, with Roe Conn is well rated.

Or the National Show, with Michael Medved. He is 3rd only to Rush and not as controvercial.

I don’t know about Bruce, I will have to look him up. Rush however is the man.

Very first station Milton, FL is the county seat where I live. I have never had that station on at 6 P. M. I am dialing it up right now as it is 6:08.

I just read that Roe Conn is way down now.
Like his show but he has lost lots of listeners.

No longer in my area.

For the laughs when thier fellow libs call whining and crying all pissed off because Rush is right 99.5% of the time. That’s what you meant, right Bob? Libs laffing at libs. Now that’s entertainment.

Listened to him for years. Interesting take on things. You can go for it in my area. KLAY in Lakewood, WA. Yahoo…

Rush is the man!! Only Libs think of it as a comedy show. It is actually the sad realty of our times…

Did a deal with Bruce Williams today. Will play on 85 stations and XM radio.