Can't believe XM radio had....

the nerve to send me a welcome back offer after they stole my money, the sad part is I was going to take a couple of J Farsetta’s courses until they did that. XM radio is a poorly run company.

Who needs it with thousands of station choices on the internet.
The bad thing is the goverment is trying to shut them all down by quadrupling
the fees these imaginative entrepreneurs must pay,most likely to help these stockholder type companies defeat real choice.
Just another reason to be libertarian.

Try out awesome world wide radio for free.

Takes a few minutes to load but worth it.

Yet another alternative is shoutcast but you could go on and on which is great but all could come to an end thanks to lovely fed intrusion.
When there are to many they are hard to keep on a leash.
Thats why most news around the world would come from AP or UPI.

Is there anyway to get Howard Stern over the internet? Or is he strictly on satellite?


Check out

Very cool station and web interactive as well.

He is on Sirus only.