Listing Prices on website & termites(WDO)?

I remember seeing something on this topic but wasn’t sure hoe to locate it.
What are your thoughts on listing prices on website,brochures ?
What has been your best tag line or offer(bait) that worked in your marketing on brochures,website etc…
I was thinking of offering a second inspection “if needed” for free with purchase of first one ( extra services) not included.
Is there a DVD course I can order that will let me do WDO inspections in NY?
So many questions…thanks! :slight_smile:


IF you are going to put prices on a brochure, make sure you have a disclaimer that prices are subject to change. Nothing worse than having a 2 year old flyer that has been in some agents desk come back to life.

thanks, I really like how you made your point regarding fees on your site.I have alot to learn about being in business coming from working for someone else all my life. I would like to say similiar things on my site if you have no objection to me borrowing. And if you do mind…well…it’s a long drive from WA to kick my ***…:)…
Sidenote…I’m a military brat ans was born near Moses Lake on Fairchild Air Force base in 66. Never been back but would liek to someday.

Thank again for your response. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Borrow away. I am changing the site shortly. I have about 10 more pages to finish before the new site is published. Good luck.

in reference to conducting WDI/WDO inspections I would recommending contacting the state (probably the Department of Environmental Conservation as they appear to be the one’s who license pesticide applicators and can probably point you in the right direction as to what the requirements are.

I’m not sure what your background is, however I would recommend taking a course that is taught in person rather than on-line or DVD. This way you can ask questions and also see and feel what the damage done from the insects/organisms is and how they are similar or different. I know that NEPMA (New England Pest Management Association) holds two day seminars in MA for certification in WDI Inspections.

thank you! i’ll chev
ck withn NY DEC

Many people think it’s better to not post prices on websites. Find other ways to set the hook and get the potential client interested in you. Then they will want to call to get a quote. Once you get 'em on the phone you reel 'em in. Posting prices will more often give them a reason not to call you.


Never, never put your prices in print. As you will find out all homes are different and your time is valuable. A home built in 1925 is more challenging than one built in 1995. If you have to drive 60 miles each way to an inspection will you charge more than one 5 miles away? What about if their is an outbuilding or barn? A straight forward price list can’t convey this

If gas reaches $5 a gallon will you have to raises prices? I will. Your website and brochure should encourage people to call you. You should have a phone sales pitch that will inspire confidence and book with you. A price in a brochure is one dimensional and you will find that being the cheapest on the block is a losing strategy.



I was stationed at Fairchild for 6 yrs. I was there on the flightline when the B52 hit the ground.



as for listing prices … it works for me

what yr was that?

thank you