Termite and WDO Inspection class

I was delegated to ask you “what’s up with this”:smiley:

Let me ask someone…I will get back to you. I just called and left a message.

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hey Bruce, you are the topic of conversation in the thread above this one

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The innocent Shishilla family…is not so damn innocent!

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I’ve been busy these last past months, just wanted to drop in
to say hi & I’ll be there for the WDO class.
Their is always some new to learn =)

Be very careful with this. The Dept of Ag/Bureau of Entomology is on a witch hunt presently to stop home inspectors from offering WDO services under an outside PCO saying they are not true employees. they are reviewing home inspector websites (again) and sending out threatening letters. If they audit you, and find you are not “acceptable”, it is a $5k fine per inspection performed.

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but want all to know enforcement is current and ongoing.

You are 100% correct and all of that will be explained in the class and this is a national conference which I was told about 40 states you do not need a license. So that class is for them as well.

It is also to give home inspectors the information needed to know what they are looking at and how to identify termite damage. So it’s just not about licensing, it’s about education.

I list them but do not perform them. A licensed pest control company handles all my WDO when a customer wants in addition to a HI. Simple! why would I even bother with all that hassle of regulation and extra lic fees and insurance.

10-4, Russell.