Local Inspection Fees

Well shit. I raise my prices annually and have a steady growth curve to be proud of but 475 for a condo! Those numbers are outside of my market by a ton. Maybe it is because condos are a small fraction of SFH in this area. I booked a condo today for 300 because it is me and only me there and I expect to be on site for under 2 hours. To clarify they had a 320 (my base) starting price but used a $20 discount given to them by a new realtor in one of my most successful agency offices.

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You’ll get there, Michael. You are a smart man.

Plus, I live in a high tourist area that is growing faster that I would like.

Larry, thanks for the caution and the experienced insight. They are just words… but strong words that can be misinterpreted for more than intended.

Curt… no conspiring… just talk about inspection biz and how to get more established!!!

I’ll text you today.

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For a condo?

You missed the key word, Under.

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I lose an inspection a week to the low ballers. Those home inspectors are ruining this business.
When callers ask me why I am so high, I ask them why are the other guys so low.
I stick to my prices and stay busy.


Love this!

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We are in Central Florida and going to raise our base home inspection price by $25. We raised our insurance inspection fees 4 years ago, and we did not see a drop in business. We currently charge 250.00 for 1,499 Sq. Ft. and under; every 500 Sq. Ft. is + 50.00. We give a $50 multi inspection discount with multiple inspections. Ancillary services we charge extra for are 4 Pt, Wind Mitigation, Pool Inspection, and roof certification; 150.00 each or 100.00 each with a home inspection. We charge extra for homes over 40 Yrs, over 100 Yrs, and for Crawlspaces; $50.00. We have been consistently booked 7 to 10 days in advance for 3 years. Currently, we are booked until Friday, March 27th.


That’s not a bad set up. Initial price looks low but when you add the two insurance reports and age of the home, the pricing looks pretty good. I hope to get on your level of volume soon! Thanks!

Pete, I do the same as :slightly_smiling_face:you do!

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When a potential client calls, if one speaks with confidence and with a smile on your face while standing up, I found that I received more closing inspections.

If I was sitting in my office chair with no smile nor much confidence, I didn’t get as many.

Try it! It really does work! :grin:


Our fees start @ $400 and go up from there. I have never let a potential client who is just “price shopping” get off the phone without getting their information and sending them a sample report. I always encourage them to get sample reports from any inspectors they are considering working with. I know once they review and compare the reports we will be getting a call back and booking that inspection.


Good method, Zach! :smile:

That’s a great idea Zach. Let them see what cheaper inspectors get them vs you.

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I tried to do a lot of local research. Seems prices average…$375 for homes under 2000 sq ft, and add approximately $50 for each additional 500 sq ft.

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Thanks for the lecture.

You’re welcome. Robert and Curt were appreciative.

All you guys are all awesome :+1: I really appreciate this forum. I find it to be very useful and informative will definitely be referring to it frequently. I just recently got my Biz license and started marketing using MLS in my state. Also trying to connect with local realtors to from up business. But Damn Corona virus is a concern for the economy.