Your Fees for Services

How much do you charge for a 4-point inspection?

100 sometimes more if I can or if I need to call in a licensed electrician.

$150.00 stand alone. $75.00 if done with home inspection

$85 I started at $100 and the agents looked at me like I had 3 heads. Once I build the relationship I will try to push back to $100

Screw the agents. Are they going to accept any of the liability?

I went the other way. I started at $80 and changed that to $100 after one or two. I have been charging the same for some time now. I run into an occasional agent who has someone that charges less. I tell them if they need me, I will do the inspection for $100.

We charge $125.00 if it is within a reasonable distance. $75.00 if done with a home inspection. Thats the same for wind mitigation inspections also.

Don’t understand why we are still battling companies who are charging $75.00 for any one of these. We need to do something about this.

Next week I’m going to lower my price to $25.00 for a wind mit four point combo. I will be losing money but maybe I can put some of my competition out of buisiness! Oh wait, I forgot they are free with the home inspection from my competitors. I guess I’ll stick with the $125.00 four point fee I never get.

Well Ben, since you asked the question, what do you think would be a fair price?

I charge $125.00 period!!!

A local insurance agent told my client that he had a guy that would do a 4_point and wind mitigation inspection for $100.00. I told him to have at it if that is what he wanted. I ended up doing the full home inspection and 4-point. 1960 house—the rafters are toe-nailed—no permit for the rolled roofing—absolutely no access to the attic space. All that equals no discounts. I just told him that a cheap home inspection is like a cheap pair of shoes. Won’t go the distance and sometimes very uncomfortable.

Hey the realtor probably called in another inspector who just felt that the home was perfect and advised them to buy it as quick as possible before it got away. That roofing problem won’t matter unless it rains and the 1960 roof won’t come off because for the last 50 years it hasn’t (that part actually is argueable it’s not as though I agree with the 1802 form). But regardless lack of restraint needs to be noted by inspectors in FL now as well as improper installation of restraint components. Glad to know you care.

$100.00, Is the average price around. Osceola and Polk county’s.
Some agents agree some don’t.

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You guys are all too damn cheap. The greatest numbers are from $75.00 to $125.00. You want to get prices up. Stop doing them for this price and let the cheapos have them. They will hang themselves at the first sign of a problem. What do you think will happen when a client moves in and the insurance company finds out that the form was filled out wrong (usually after a problem occurs). That inspector will be sued and no longer able to do these inspections. Suffering in the short run could be beneficial in the long run.

Having written that above, I know it will never happen. Not enough inspectors are strong enough to follow through on such an action.

We did 17 wind mit/4pts today! :cool:

Congrats John, I hope you had help.

Happy times. I am jealous. congrats. :mrgreen:

This guy does wind mit and 4pt combo for $87.50:shock:

Thats either a bait and switch like most of em, or thats guys a real jackoff!

Yes, and is a proud Inachi member and a recently certified (crc) contractor.