Local Realtors support FL legislation

Unless the bill has changed and I admit I haven’t read it this week, there is a statement in the body of the bill that requires the HI to “predict” when system is going to fail. That is one of the biggest rubs; arbitrary requirements without a State “official” SOP to inspect to. All that has to happen is a system to fail, (again with no time limit or statute of limitations defined) and if you did not say it was going to, viola! you could be held accountable for not informing the client it was going to fail. This is what is so maddening about this piece of garbage bill. Five of us, under heavy alcohol influences could have come up with a better bill overnight. This bill is so disjointed it defies any common sense.

150,000 Realtors support your bill… Cool :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I can see this happening next.

Mr Governor… Here is a link to the HI org with 1450 Fla certified inspectors, this where your getting all your emails from complaining about the state licensing…

Oh BTW…Mr Governor… we took the orgs on line quiz for you… Congratulations, you passed, just tell them you took the quiz, pay 289.00, tell them you already inspected several homes, promise to do some un- verified things, and you will be instantly qualified to become certified inspector #1451 in the state of Florida…:twisted: :twisted:

One last thing… Mr Governor… If you don’t get re-elected,
If you really want to go for it, claim you completed 1000 hrs of CE, not only can your become a Certified Master Inspector, :roll: :roll:
you can also get E&O insurance with no deductible…:twisted: :twisted:

Or, Mr. Governor - you can just send in $375 and you’re a “Junior Inspector” or whatever title they’re using now. For a little more money, you get the convenience of not having to worry about the online test!!! And you can go out inspect a bunch of houses. You don’t have to sweat a test until you’ve already inspected 250 houses!

Mr Harris

See you in class for your 120 hrs of education

Hope you can pass the exam at the end so you can work in Florida


By the way, this legislation doesn’t meet ASHI’s standards either… their official position is that regulation should have a legislated SOP, Code of Ethics, and reporting standards - none of which this legislation provides. It does, however, in great length detail the fees for licensure…

After completing a 160 hr course and over 200 hrs of CE it will be a breeze.:wink: :wink:
Another 120 hrs will never hurt me or anybody…:slight_smile:

Pass the exam, no problem , already passed the NHIE, the HI school final… Heck I even passed Nickeys quiz several times…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In the Kansas City metroplex and surrounding area we have over 10,600 licensed Realtors, that does not count real estate agents that don’t belong to the Board of Realtors which puts real estate licensee’s at over 12,000.

Between NACHI, NAHI, ASHI, engineers or others that don’t belong to either of the 3 groups we estimate 200 home inspectors.

That means they out number us by about 60 to 1.

It also means that if every other inspector is incompetent then there are about 100 incompetent home inspectors. Every home inspector out there for over 6 months has horror stories to tell about under educated and incompetent real estate agents trying to push a deal through to collect $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If every other Real Estate Agent out there (they assume it about us - we have to assume it about them) is incompetent just like home inspectors - then theres one $hit load of incompetent agents out there to go around.

Quit complaining and tell it to the media like it is - or get whipped.

I wrote an email to Nancy Riley, president of FAR, expressing my concern over the characterization of HI’s as incompetent, and this is her reply to me



Lets not fall into the trap of pitting ASHI against NACHI here regarding Florida legislation. All evidence up to now shows that both NACHI & ASHI are opposed to this bill, no need to waste any energy discussing the whys or wherefores, just take it at face value.

FABI & NAHI are united in there efforts to promote this legislation, the majority of ASHI & NACHI members are opposed to this bill, lets not invent problems where none exist. The goal is to somehow get the Governor to veto the bill not start another pissing contest with ASHI, I suggest we not lose our focus. :wink:

You can thank the Jeff Hooper and Jerry Peck crowd for presenting that image of the home inspector to the opposition to use to push their agendas. How very unfortuante we are to have people like them in our profession.

It will be interesting to see what the Realtors make it look like in 2010. Any guesses on what the Realtors will want in it?

With the cheat sheet I gave you. Danny, Daniel, Dan, Dannie, Dann, Don, Donnie, Demetree, Douglas, Doug ,Duke, Dukkie or whatever the D stands for.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Gary shhhh.I thought we agreed that you would not tell. Give me my $s back.:twisted:
Since the words out… I admit, I only used it for the nacho open book quiz and for the mold certificiation, got searched before taking the proctored nhie, they took it away from me…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
DDDDDDDs :wink: :wink:

What, your brain!:p:p:p

Harris meet me at the pool. I have a ASHI cheat sheet

Joe, you’re right - I got caught in a moment of weakness - I am emailing to all my friends and family to send an email to the Governor.
After reading the text of this bull, I mean bill, it is really open-ended. Once passed and signed, it will be much more difficult to amend, repeal, or otherwise change it to be meaningful. I can’t see that it protects anything by way of an SOP, COE, or a structure of reporting guidelines. The only thing protected is the ability of the State to collect $$ from each of us.
In my message to the governor, i pointed out that this added expense will be passed on to the consumer, adding to the already out-of-control costs of buying a home. As controlling property taxes and insurance costs are the Governor’s top priority right now, I see this as a contradiction to his agenda. And, on tiop of that, the bill is faulty. He needs to send it back to the Senate.


I’m thinking about moving to KS and joining the 100 -1 incompetent inspectors… No HI training, no stinking proctored tests, no background check, just pay Nickey $289. to be marketed to the public as a “certified” inspector. With all my construction experience, the heck with all that useless BS…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I wonder how the FAR would react if they were required to have the seller fill out the disclosure form in a factual manner, and that the Realtor would be held responsible for any inaccuracies on the form…:twisted:

There aren’t enough towels in Florida for all the screaming and crying that would take place.