Florida Licensing Bill - Action Soon

We expect the bill will reach the Governor’s desk shortly, once it does the letters, phone calls & faxes must come pouring in if we expect any veto. If you wish to see this bill vetoed, then once again I am posting my model letter for anyone to use, I encourage others to post their letters to this thread for public use.

Contact Governor Charlie Crist

[FONT=Verdana]Dear Governor Crist:

From your years as Florida Attorney General and now as our Governor it is apparent that your goal is to protect the citizens of Florida. As a professional member of the Florida home inspection industry, I too seek to protect the consumer when making the single most expensive purchase they are likely to ever undertake, we are on the same team.

Today you are being presented the option to enact home inspector legislation into law here in Florida. At first glance House Bill 1399 and Senate Bill 2234 appear to be a viable way to set standards for the home inspection profession and insure the public will attain some modicum of protection. A true study of the bills provisions though would reveal they are lacking in any language that would set a minimum standard of care to protect the consumer. The bills are deficient in that they have no written Standards of Practice, nor is there any Code of Ethics upon which to guide the home inspector in his duty’s to the public. Furthermore the bill does not provide the consumer any information on what constitutes an inspection or what expectations can be relied upon when an inspection is performed. [/FONT]
If you take the time to truly read this bill you will readily see this bill is not in keeping with the high standards that you have set for your administration and I respectfully request that you veto this legislation. Signing this poorly written legislation that lacks any set of standards into law would give consumers a false hope of protection where none currently exist within the bills.

We know your conviction to the citizens of Florida and your fervent desire to protect them, please send this legislation back to the House and Senate and demand this bill be amended to include language which would truly set Standards of Practice that will protect the public. [/FONT]

Who said it was?

Came up at a home inspector meeting.

He does not have it yet. Ya got to wonder what is the hold up?:smiley:
See page two.
Jay, Joe any ideas on what is going on?

Hey Bruce,

There are many bills waiting to be presented. I don’t think there is any meaning to the fact that it is still sitting there. It is my understanding that it is a done deal. It will be interesting to see what is added or deleted by 2010. I have a feeling that it will look completely different by the time it is enforced.

Now Greg did you have coffee with Chuckles the clown or was he out looking for Lou Pearlman. Boy Band Creator and scam artist

Mr Bell (Greg)

Are you just trying to get us all wired for one last battle for the hill by telling us that it is a done deal or do you think that it is realy so???


Contact anyone that does not look at our BB and get them to send words of wit to make this go a way – It is not in the best intrest of the consumer and with the state trying to cut back $$ this is not something $$ on.

Greg it you are trying to get us all wired up OK - I agree

Where is the FLORIDA (Harvey - Jeff) NACHI???

Harvey is the Pres of something and it looks like the whole chapter just dropped into a black hole

Esp about this leg bill that has an effect on all of us

Harvey are you still an inspector and do you read the BB???


Is this the Harvey you are seeking, might want to bring carrots, because I ain’t seen hide nor hair of any other Harvey here in Florida recently. :smiley:

Hello Richard,

My comments were not made to motivate anyone. There are just my observations. This bill is a done deal!!! It doesn’t matter how many letters we send to the Governor. This bill is just one of many and will get very little attention from the powers that be. We (Florida NACHI members) have no influence with anyone that has any power to stop this bill. We have no influence to craft what is coming during the next three years. NAHI is in the drivers seat in Florida and will be one of the major players in creating what ever we finally end up with.

It is a shame that Florida NACHI never became more than a dream of a few people. We need to be organized now more than ever before. The only positive point to this is that we only have three more years of fighting each other over this subject. I think that most of you know that the plan has always been to get something passed and then change it into what the people who have worked on this want. I am sure that you know almost 60% of the FABI dues paid by members this year went to fight for legislation. I don’t know how much money NAHI has spent this year, but I am sure that it was more than was spent by NACHI.

It will be interesting to see how things work out over the next three years.

I bet we spent nothing

Guys, complaining about hasn’t been done will not change what needs to be done. Obviously this bill is no good for any home inspector in Florida. What can we do now to stop it? Writing the governor is at least something. Get on it!

Hello Harry,

Who is complaining? All I was doing is stating the facts as I see them.

50K got us 90 seconds with the governor. The bill will be signed, and DBPR will morph it into something else for enforcement. As I said before, Governor Crist sees no reason to veto the bill because we have three years to comply.

That is the word I get anyway.

Excellent letter Joe, very professional!

Explain please

Joe B.,

To me your letter indicates that you support licensing.

Hi John,

I’m not attempting to reply for Joe B here, but I don’t think realisticaly that anyone has anything to fear from a bill that is equitable to all parties, but this bill doesn’t pass the taste test by a wide margin.

It is badly deffiecient in these areas:

  • No Standards of practice
  • No Code of Ethics
  • No public protection
  • No protection of the inspector from frivolous claims
  • No statute of limitation on claims against inspectors
  • No proper grandfathering provisions

And that is just the inspector part of the bill, the mold section also has its fair share of issues although most inspectors would be spared most of that sections defficiencies.



Hi Gerry,

I think that New York is a perfect example of why all of these items should be addressed before the bill becomes law. It will be interesting to see what special interest group comes out on top and molds the current bill into what they want.

And no way to get a curriculum pre-approved for the required course. We’re ready to offer the course to all NACHI members in Florida.

Looks are deceiving, I am sure if Governor Crist were to introduce "meaningful" legislation I am sure I could still find something wrong with it. :smiley: